​Jamb 1994 questions and answers for physics 

​Jamb 1994 questions and answers for physics 
1.What is the reading of the vernier capilers shown
A. 1.79cm B. 1.73cm
C. 1.39cm D. 1.34cm
2. If it takes 5.0 hours to drain a container of 540.0
cm3 of water, what isthe flowrate ofwater from the
container in kgs-1?
A. 32.5 B. 31.5
C. 30.8 D. 30.0
(Density of water = 100 kgm-3)
3. A boat travels due east at a speed of 40 ms-1
. What
is the resultant speed of the boat?
A. 1.3ms-1 B. 10.0ms-1
C. 50.0 ms-1 D. 70.0 ms-1
4. An object is projected with velocity of 80 ms-1 at
an angle of 30o
to the horizontal. The maximum
height reached is
A. 20 m B. 80 m
C. 160 m D. 320 m
5. A motor vehicle is brought to rest from a speed of
15 ms-1 in 20 seconds. Calculate the retardation.
A. 0.75 ms-2 B. 1.33 ms-2
C. 5.00 ms-2 D. 7.50 ms-2
6. Which ofthe following isTRUEof a particlemoving
in a horizontal circle with constant angular
A. The energy is constant but the linear
momentum varies
B. The linear momentum is constant but the
energy varies.
C. Both energy and linear momentum are
D. The speed and the linear velocity are both
7. A stone thrown vertically upwards returns to the
ground. Which of the following figuresrepresents
the velocity-time graph?
8. The diagram above shows a uniform wood of
weight 200 N and length 50 m. it is pivoted at one
end and suspended by a cord at the other end at
an angle of 30o
to the wood. Calculate the tension
in the cord if the wood is horizontal.
A. 10 N B. 20 N
C. 100 N D. 200 N
9. An object of mass 50 kg is released from a height
of 2 m. find the kinetic energy just before itstrikes
the ground.
A. 250 J B. 1 000 J
C. 10 000 J D. 100000 J
10. A cone in an unstable equilibrium has its potential
A. Decreased B. Increased
C. Unchanged D. Oscillating
 Calculate the magnitude of the force required to
just move a 20 kg object along a horizontalsurface
if the coefficient of friction is 0.2
A. 400.0 N B. 40.0 N
C. 4.0 N D. 0.4 N
12. Calculate the velocity ratio of a screw jack of pitch
0.3 cm if the length of the tommy bar is 21 cm.
A. 1
B. 14
C. 70
D. 140
13. Which of the following graphs correctlyrepresents
the relationship between the load and the velocity
ratio of a machine?
14. A spring of length 25 cm is extended to 30 cm by a
load of 150 N attached to one of its ends. What is
the energy stored in the spring?
A. 3750 J B. 2500 J
C. 3.75 J D. 2.50 J
In the diagram above, if the atmospheric pressure
is 760 mm, the pressure in the chamber G is
A. 660mm B. 690mm
C. 830mm D. 860mm
16. A force of 15 N stretches a spring to a total length
of 30 cm. An additional force of 10 N stretchesthe
spring 5 cm further. Find the natural length of the
A. 25.0cm B. 22.5cm
C. 20.0cm D. 15. 0 cm
17. Which of these statements are TRUE of pressure
in liquids?
I Pressure acts equally in all
II Pressure decreases with depth.
III Pressure at the same level of a
liquid isthe same.
IV Pressure is dependent on the
cross-sectional area of the
barometer tube.
A. I and III only.
B. I, II and III only.
C. I, II and IV only.
D. I, II, III and IV.
18. The mass of a specific gravity bottle is 15.2 g when
it is empty. It is 24.8 g when filled with kerosene
and 27.2 g when filledwith distilled water.Calculate
the relative density of kerosene.
A. 1.25 B. 1.10
C. 0.90 D. 0.80
19. If a solid X floatsin liquid P of relative density 2.0
and in liquid Q of relative density 1.5, it can be
inferred that the
A. Weight of Pdisplaced is greater than that
of Q
B. Weight of P displaced isless than that of
C. Volume of Pdisplaced is greater than that
of Q
D. Volume of P displaced is les than that of
20. Themelting point of naphthalene is 780C. What is
thistemperature in Kelvin?
A. 100 K B. 315 K
C. 378 K D. 444 K
21. A motor tyre isinflated to pressure of 2.0 x 105 Nm-
2 when the temperature of air is 27oC. What will be
the pressure in it at 87oCassuming that the volume
of the tyre does not change?
A. 2.6x 105Nm-2 B. 2.4x 105Nm-2
C. 2.2x 105Nm-2 D. 1.3x 105Nm
22. When 100 g of liquid L1
at 78oC was mixed Xg of
liquid L2
at 50oC, the final temperature was 66oC.
Given that the specific heat capacity of L2
is half
that of L1
, find X.
A. 50 g B. 100 g
C. 150 g D. 200 g
23. Avolume ofwater is heated from 0oCto15oC.Which
of the following diagrams correctly representsthe
variation of the volume with temperature?
24. Heat is supplied to a test tube containing 100 g of
ice at its melting point. The ice melts completelyin
1 min. what is the power rating of the source of
A. 336 W B. 450 W
C. 560 W D. 600 W
(Latent heat of fusion of ice = 336 Jg-1)
25. If a room is saturated with water vapour, the
temperature of the room must be
A. at 00C
B. above the dew point
C. at 1000C
D. below or at the dew point.
26. Which of the following graphs represents the
variation of pressure P against volume V at
constant temperature?
27. Two similar kettles containing equal masses of
boiling water are placed on a table. If the surface
of one is highly polished and the surface of the
other is covered with soot, which of the following
observations is correct?
28. The equation of a transverse wave traveling along
a string is given by y = 0.3 sin (0.5x – 50t) where y
and x are in cm and t is in seconds. Find the
maximum displacement of the particles from the
equilibrium position.
A. 50.0cm B. 2.5 cm
C. 0.5 cm D. 0.3 cm
29. The sound from a source traveled to the bottom of
the sea and the echo was heard 4s latter. If the
speed ofsound in sea water is 1500 ms-1
, the depth
of the sea is
A. 6000 m B. 3000 m
C. 1500 m D. 375 m
30. The fundamental frequency of vibration of a
sonometer wire may be halved by
A. Doubling the length of the wire
B. Doubling the mass of the wire
C. Reducing the tension by half
D. Reducing the absolute temperature by
31. A pipe of length 45 cm is closed at one end.
Calculate the fundamental frequency of the sound
wave generated in the pipe if the velocity ofsound
in air is 360 ms-1 (Neglect end corrections).
A. 55. Hz B. 148.5Hz
C. 200.00Hz D. 550.0Hz
32. The note produced by a stretched string has a
fundamental frequency of 400 Hz. If the length of
the string is doubled while the tension in the string
is increased by a factor of 4, the frequency is
A. 200Hz B. 400Hz
C. 800Hz D. 1600Hz
33. To produce a parallel beam of light from a concave
mirror, the distance at which the lamp should be
placed from the mirror is equal to
A. the focal length
B. two times the focal length
C. the distance of the image
D. two times the radius of curvatur
34. Light of frequency 6.0 x 1014 Hz traveling in air is
transmitted through glass of refractive index 1.5.
Calculate the frequency of the light in the glass.
A. 4.0 x 1014Hz
B. 6.0 x 1014Hz
C. 7.5 x 1014Hz
D. 9.0 x 1014Hz
35. An object is placed in front of a converging lens
of focal length 200 cm. The image is virtual and
has a magnification of 2. what is the distance of
the object from the lens?
A. 5 cm B. 10cm
C. 30cm D. 40cm
36. An object is placed directly below a glass block of
thickness 3.0 cm.Calculate the lateral displacement
of the object if the refractive index of the glass is
A. 1.0cm B. 1.5cm
C. 2.0cm D. 2.5cm
37. In a projection lantern of focal length ƒ, the object
distance u, is such that
A. u > 2ƒ > ƒ
B. u < ƒ < 2ƒ
C. u = ƒ < 2ƒ
D. ƒ < u < 2ƒ
38. Ifthe Nigerian flag (green, white, green) is viewed
in pure yellow light, which of the following set of
colours would be observed on the flag?
A. Green, yellow, green
B. Red, yellow, red.
C. Black, yellow, black.
D. Green, white, green.
39. Which of the figures below illustrates the
dispersion of white light through a triangular glass
40. Which of the following has the lowest internal
resistance when new?
A. Leclanche cell. B. Daniel cell.
C. Accumulator D. Torch battery.
41. When biro pen rubbed on a dry silk cloth is moved
very closed to a piece of paper on a dry table, the
pen is found to pick up the paper. This is because
A. Both the pen and the cloth aremagnetized
B. The pen is magnetized but the cloth is
C. The pen is charged while the cloth is
D. Both the pen and the cloth are charged.
In the figure above, XY is of length 1m. The value
of R at balance point Z is
A. 3.0 Ohms
B. 13.3Ohms
C. 15.0Ohms
D. 30.0Ohms
43. Acapacitor 8 uF, is charged to a potential difference
of 100V. The energy stored by the capacitor is
A. 1.0 x 104
 J B. 8.0 x 10 J
C. 1.25 x 10 J D. 4.0 x 10-2 J
44. Two resistors, R1
= 4Ohms and R2
= 5 Ohms, are
connected in parallel across a potential difference.
If P1
and P2
represent the power dissipated in R1
and R2
respectively, the ratio P1
A. 4: 5
B. 5: 4
C. 16: 25
D. 25: 16. 
In the circuit diagram above, calculate the current
in the 12 – Ohmsresistor if the cell has an e.m.f. of
12V and an internal resistance of 1 ohms.
A. 0.8 A B. 1.0 A
C. 1.6 A D. 2.4 A
46. Which of the following are found in the receiver
but not in the microphone of a telephone handset?
I Diaphragm
II Soft iron ole pieces.
III Permanent magnet.
IV Carbon blocks
A. I and II
B. I and IV.
C. II and III
D. III and IV.
47. If two parallel conductors carry currents flowing
in the same direction, the conductors will
A. Attract each other
B. Repel each other
C. Both move in the same direction
D. Have no effect on each other.
48. A certain radioisotope of 
235U emits
four alpha particles and three beta particles. The
mass number and the atomic number of the
resulting element respectively are
A. 219 and 87
B. 84 and 223
C. 223 and 87
D. 219 and 81
In the curve above, PQRST represents an
alternating voltage frequency 50 Hz. The time
interval between point P and R on the graph is
A. 25 s
B. 1 S
C. 1 S
D. 1 S
50. If the light with photon energy 2 eV is incident
suitably on the surface of a metal with work
function 3 eV, then
A. No electron will be emitted
B. The few electrons emitted will have a
maximum kinetic energy of 1 eV
C. The few electrons emitted will have a
maximum kinetic energy of 3 eV
D. Many electrons will be emitted

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