​Jamb 1995 questions and answers physics

​Jamb 1995 questions and answers physics 
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1. Which of the following is the dimension of
A. ML-1T
-2 B. MLT-2
-3 D. ML-3
2. The length of a displaced pendulum bob which
passes its lowest point twice every second is
A. 0.25m B. 0.45m
C. 0.58m D. 1.00m
[g = 10ms-2]
In the diagram above, P, Q andRare vectors.Which
of the following options gives the correct
relationship between the vectors?
A. P = Q + R B. P = Q – R
C. P = R – Q D. P + Q + R = 0
The value of T in the figure above is
A. 10.0 N B. 11.8 N
C. 20.0 N D. 40.0 N
5. When a ball rolls on a smooth level ground, the
motion of its centre is
A. Translational B. Oscillatory
C. Random D. Rotational
6. The velocity-time graph of a body moving in a
straight line and decelerating uniformly to rest is
represented by
The acceleration of the system shown above is
A. 2 ms-2 B. 4 ms-2
C. 6 ms-2 D. 8 ms-2
8. What is the acceleration due to gravity ‘g’ on the
moon, if g is 10ms-2 on the earth?
A. 0.10 ms-2 B. 0.74 ms-2
C. 1.67 ms-2 D. 10.00 ms-2
9. A body is projected from the earth’s surface with
the intention of letting it escape from the earth’s
gravitational field. What is the minimum escape
velocity of the body?
A. 14km s-1 B. 13 km s-1
C. 12 km s-1 D. 11 km s-1
10. A uniform rod PQ of length 1m and mass 2kg is
pivoted at the end P. If a load of 14N is placed at
the centre of the rod, find the force that should be
applied verticallyupwards at Q tomaintain the rod
in equilibrium horizontally.
A. 68 N B. 28 N
C. 17 N D. 7 N
[g = 10 ms-2]
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11. A vehicle of mass m is driven by an engine of
power P from rest. Find the minimum time it will
take to acquire a speed v.
A. mv2
B. mv2
C. mv
D. mv
A box of mass 40 kg is being dragged along the
floor by a rope inclined at 600
to the horizontal.
The frictional force between the box and the floor
is 100N and the tension on the rope is 300N. How
much work is done in dragging the box through a
distance of 4m?
A. 680 J B. 400 J
C. 200 J D. 100 J
13. Which of the following statements are TRUE about
frictional force?
I It is always a disadvantage
II It is sometimes a disadvantage
III It always exists where there is a relative
motion of two bodiesthat are in contact.
IV It is sometimes very useful.
14. The energy contained in a wire when it is extended
by 0.02m by a force of 500 N is
A. 5 J B. 10 J
C. 103
 J D. 104
15. Which of the following levers has the greatest
mechanical advantage?
16. A hydraulic press has a large circular piston of
radius 0.8m and a circular plunger of radiu 0.2m. A
force of 500N is exerted by the plunger. Find the
force exerted on the piston.
A. 8000 N B. 4000 N
C. 2000 N D. 31 N
17. The volume of an air bubble increases from the
bottom to the top of a lake at constant temperature
A. Atmospheric pressure acts on the surface of
the lake.
B. Pressure increases with depth of the lake.
C. Density remains constant with pressure
D. The bubble experiences an upthrust.
18. Temperature is a measure of the
A. Quantity of heat transferred into the
molecules of an object
B. Mean kinetic energy of any molecules of
the object
C. Kinetic energy of any individual
molecules of the substance.
D. Amount of work done by the molecules
of the object.
19. Arectangular metal block ofvolume 10-6m3 at 573K.
Ifits coefficient oflinear expansion is 1.2-x-10-5K-1
the percentage change of its volume is
A. 1.5 % B. 1.1 %
C. 0.4 % D. 0.1 %
. A piece of wood floats inside water at room
temperature with a fraction of it above the liquid
surface. Asthe temperature of the water is raised,
the part of the wood above the density of liquid
A. Decrease because the density of water
decreases with temperature.
B. Increases because the density of water
decreases with temperature.
C. Decreases because the density of water
increases with temperature
D. Increase because the density of water
increases with temperature.
21. The equation PxVyT
z = constant is Charles’ law
A. x = 1, y= -1, z = 1
B. x = 0, y= 1, z = -1
C. x = 1, y= 0, z = -1
D. x = 0, y= 1, z = 1.
22. An electric kettle with negligible heat capacity is
rated at 2000 W. If 2.0kg of water is put in it, how
long will it take the temperature of water to rise
from 200Cto 1000C?
A. 420s B. 336s
C. 168s D. 84s.
[specific heat capacity of water = 4200 J kg-1 K-1].
23. Atemperature scale has a lower fixed point of40mm
and an upper fixed point of 200mm. What is the
reading on this scale when a thermometer read
A. 33.3mm B. 36.0mm
C. 96.0mm D. 136.0mm
24. A quantity of ice at -100C is heated until the
temperature of the heating vessel is 900C. Which
of the following constant is NOT required to the
A. Specific heat capacity of ice
B. Specific heat capacity of water
C. Specific latent heat of fusion
D. Specific latent heat of vaporization.
25. Which of the following statements give ‘the TRUE
differences between evaporation and boiling
I Evaporation occurs at all temperatures
while boiling occurs at a fixed temperature
for a given pressure.
II Evaporation is a surface phenomenon
while boiling is an interior phenomenon.
III Evaporation is affected by surface areas
which boiling is not.
A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III.
26. A well=lagged bar of length 100cm has its ends
maintained at 1000C and 400C respectively. What
isthe temperature at a point 60cm from the hotter
A. 580C B. 620C
C. 640C D. 760C
27. Which of the following is the exclusive property
of a transverse wave?
A. Diffraction B. Refraction
C. Compression D. Polarization
28. The wavelength ofsignal from a radio transmitter
is 1500m and the frequencyis 200kHz. What isthe
wavelength for a transmitter operating at 1000kHz?
A. 7500 m B. 300 m
C. 75 m D. 15 m
29. The difference between sound waves and light
waves is that sound waves
A. Are transverse while light waves are
B. Require a medium to travel while light
waves do not.
C. Can be diffracted but light waves cannot
D. Cannot be reflected but light waves can.
30. Which of the diagrams below represents the
second overtone of a vibrating string fixed at both
31. The pitch of an acoustic device can be increased
A. Increasing the frequency
B. Increasing the amplitude
C. Decreasing the loudness
D. Decreasing the intensity
32. Total eclipse of the sun occurs when the
A. Earth is between the moon and the sun
B. Sun is between the moon and the earth
C. Moon is between the sun and the earth
D. Ozone layer is threatened
 What is the approximate critical angle for total
internal reflection for diamond if the refractive
index of diamond is 2.42?
A. 210 B. 220
C. 230 D. 240
34. Which of the graphs represents the relationship
between m and v for a converging mirror?
35. A real object is placed at a distance u cm in front of
a curved mirror of focal length fcm. If the image is
upright and magnified, then the mirror is
A. Convex and u = 2f
B. Concave and u= 2f
C. Convex and u = 2
D. Concave and u = 2
36. Which of the following pairs of colours gives the
widest separation in the spectrum of white light?
A. Red and violet
B. Green and yellow
C. Red and indigo
D. Yellowand violet.
37. Two parallel plates at a distance of 8.0 x 10-3m apart
aremaintained at p.d. of600 volts with the negative
plate earthed. What isthe electric field strength?
A. 4.8 Vm-1
B. 75.0 Vm-1
C. 4800.0Vm-1
D. 7,5000.0Vm-1
38. At different locations on the earth’s surface, the
earth’s magnetic field is
A. The same in magnitude and direction
B. The same in magnitude but different in
C. Different in both magnitude and direction
D. Different in magnitude but not in direction.
39. If a resistance if halved in value and the potential
difference across it istripled, then the ratio of the
new current to the old is
A. 1: 6 B. 1: 3
C. 2: 1 D. 6: 1
40. A 12-V battery has an internal resistance of 0.5
ohms. If a cable of 1.0 ohmsresistance is connected
acrossthe two terminals of the battery, the current
drawn from the battery is
A. 16.0 A B. 8.0 A
C. 0.8 A D. 0.4 A
The diagram above showstwo similar bulbs X and
Y connected to a suitable power supply with F as
an appropriate fuse rating. If the filament of X
breaks, then the
A. Brightness of Y will reduce
B. Brightness ofY will remain constant
C. Brightness ofY will remain constant
D. Fuse F will blow.
42. The purpose of a dielectric material in a parallel
plate capacitor is to
A. Increase its capacitance
B. Decrease its capacitance
C. Insulate the plates from each other
D. Increase the magnetic field between the
The resultant in the figure above is
A. 15.0 uF B. 9.8 uF
C. 1.3 uF
D. 0.8 uF
44. An electric current of 2 amperesflowsin a heating
coil ofresistance 50 ohmsfor 3 minutes 20 seconds.
Determine the heat produced.
A. 0.5 kJ B. 8.0 kJ
C. 20.0kJ D. 40. 0 kJ
45. If the maximum voltage across a 100-ohm resistor
is 20V, then themaximum power it can dissipate is
A. 5.00 W B. 4.00 W. C. 2.00 W D. 0.25 W
46. Which of the following is required to convert a
milliammeter to an ammeter?
A. A high resistance in parallel
B. A high resistance in series
C. A low resistance in parallel
D. A low resistance in series.
47. The primarywinding of a transformer has 400 turns
and its secondary has 100 turns. If a source of
e.m.f. of 12Vis applied to the primary, the secondary
e.m.f. will be
A. 3 V B. 6 V
C. 24 V D. 48 V
48. An alternating source is connected in series to a
capacitor of capacityreactanceof 103
 3 and
resistor of a resistance 103 Ohms. The impedance
of the circuit is
A. 2000 3Ohms
B. 2000Ohms
C. 1000 3Ohms
D. 1000Ohms
49. The half-life of a radioactive element is 9 days.
What fraction of atoms has decayed in 36 days?
A. 1
B. 1
C. 1
D. 15
50. A light of energy 5eV falls on a metal and the
electrons with a maximum kinetic energy of 2eV
are rejected. The work function of the metal is
A. 0.4eV B. 2.5eV
C. 3.0eV D. 7.0eV

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