​Jamb 1998 questions and answers for physics 

​Jamb 1998 questions and answers for physics 
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1. The physical quantity that has the same
dimensions as impulse is
A. Energy B. Momentum
C. Surface tension D. Pressure.
2. A ball is moving at 18ms-1 in a direction inclined
at 600
to the horizontal. The horizontal
component of its velocity is
A. 9 3ms-1 B. 6 3ms-1
C. 6 3ms-1 D. 9ms-1
A body on the ground is acted on by a force of
10N at a point P as shown in the diagram above.
What force is needed to stop the bodyfrom moving
A. 5N in the direction of East
B. 5N in the direction of West
C. 5″3N in the direction of West.
D. 10N in the Southwest direction.
4. In free fall, a bodyof mass 1kg dropsfrom a height
of125m fromrestin 5s. Howlongwill it take another
body of mass 2kg to fall from rest from the same
A. 55 B. 105
C. 125 D. 155
(g = 10ms-2)
5. A ball of mass 0.15kg is kicked against a rigid
vertical wall with a horizontal velocity of 50ms-1
calculate the impulse of the ball on the wall.
A. 3.0Ns B. 4.5Ns
C. 7.5Ns D. 12.0Ns
6. The force of attraction between two point masses
is 10-4N when the distance between them is 0.18m.
If the distance is reduced to 0.06m, calculate the
A. 1.1x 10-5N B. 3.3x 10-5N
C. 3.0x 10-4N D. 9.0x 10-4N
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7. In an experiment, a constant force is applied to
several masses (m) and the corresponding
accelerations (a) are measured. Which of the
following graphs correctly represents the
A. III and IV only
B. II and IV only
C. I and III only
D. I and II only
8. Auniformmetre ruleweighting 0.5Nistobe pivoted
on a knife-edge at the 30cm-mark. Where will a
force of 2N be placed from the pivot to balance the
metre rule?
A. 95cm B. 25cm
C. 20cm D. 5cm
9. A bullet fired at a wooden block ofthickness 0.15m
manages to penetrate the block. If the mass of the
bullet is 0.025kg and the average resisting force of
the wood is 7.5 x 103N, calculate the speed of the
bullet just before it hits the wooden block.
A. 450 ms-1 B. 400 ms-1
C. 300 ms-1 D. 250 ms-1
10. A man whose mass is 80kg climbs a staircase in
20s and expends a power of 120W. Find the height
of the staircase.
A. 1.8m B. 2.0m
C. 2.5m D. 3.0m
[g = 10ms-2]
11. A parachute attains a terminal velocity when
A. Its density is equal to the density of air
B. The viscous force of the air and the
upthrust completely counteract its
C. It expands as a result of reduced external
D. The viscous force of the is equal to the
sum of the weight and upthrust.
12. In a wheel and axle mechanism, the diameters of
the wheel and axle are 40cm and 8cm respectively.
Given that themachine is 80% efficient, what effort
isrequired to lift a load of 100N?
A. 20 N B. 25 N
C. 50 N D. 80 N
13. The tendon in a man’sleg is 0.01m long. If a force
of 5N stretchesthe tendon by 2.0 x 10-5m, calculate
the strain on the muscle.
A. 5×106 B. 5×102
C. 2 x 10-3 D. 2 x 10-7
14. Which of these statements are correct for the
pressures in liquids?
I Pressure in a liquid at a point acts equally
in all directions
II Pressure increases with depth
III Pressure at a depth depends on the shape
of the container.
IV Pressures at the same depth in different
liquids are proportional to the densities
of the liquids.
A. I, II and III only
B. I, II and IV only
C. I, III and Iv only
D. II, III and IVonly.
15. The atmospheric pressure due towater is 1.3 x 106
. What is the total pressure at the bottom of
an ocean 10m deep?
A. 1.3x 107Nm-2 B. 1.4x 106Nm-2
C. 1.4x 105Nm-2 D. 1.0x 105Nm-2
16. A solid of weight 0.600N istotally immersed in oil
and water respectively. If the upthrust in oil is
0.210N and the relative densityof oil is 0.875 find
the upthrust in water.
A. 0.6000N B. 0.360N
C. 0.240N D. 0.180N
17. A platinum resistance thermometer records 3.0Ù
at 00C and 8.0 Ù at 1000C. If it records 6.0Ù in a
certain environment, the temperature ofthemedium
A. 800C B. 600C
C. 500C D. 300C
18. The linear expansivity of brass is 2 x 10-5C-1
. If the
volume of a piece of brassis 15.00 cm3
at 00C, what
isthe volume at 1000C?
A. 16.03cm3 B. 16.00cm3
C. 15.09cm3 D. 15.03cm3
19. A gas has a volume of100cm3
at 270C. Ifit is heated
to temperature T until a final volume of 120cm3
attained, calculate T.
A. 330C B. 600C
C. 870C D. 1140C
20. A 500W heater is used to heat 0.6kg of water from
250Cto 1000Cin t1
seconds.If another 1000Wheater
is used to heat 0.2kg ofwater from 100Cto 1000Cin
seconds, find t1 .
A. 50 B. 5
4 D. 1
21. How many grams of water at 170C must be added
to 42g of ice at 00C to melt the ice completely?
A. 200g B. 300g
C. 320g D. 400g
[Specific latent heat offusion of ice= 3.4 x 105
Specific heat capacityofwater = 4200 Jkg-1K-1]
22. A vapour is said to be saturated when
A. More molecules return to the liquid than
the amount that left it.
B. A dynamic equilibrium exist between the
molecules of the liquid and the vapour
molecules at a given temperature.
C. The vapour pressure is equal to the
atmospheric pressure
D. All molecules are moving with the same
speed in all directions at a given
23. One valid assumption of the kineic theory of gases
is that
A. the molecules of a gas are constantly in state
ofmotion and the number of collisionsremain
B. The number ofmolecules of gasincreases with
increasing pressure
C. As the temperature increases, the number of
collisions made by the gas molecules remain
D. The molecules of gas are all identical and are
very small in size.
24. The physical properties of sound waves can best
be described by
A. Reflection and diffraction
B. Polarization and reflection
C. Polarization and diffraction
D. Polarization and refraction
25. The velocity of a sound wave at 270C is 360ms-1
Its velocity at 1270C is
A. 120 3ms-1 B. 240ms-1
C. 240 3ms-1 D. 720 3ms-1
6. In a closed organ pipe producing a musical note,
an antinode will always be produced at
A. The closed end
B. The open end
C. The middle
D. All the parts of the pipe.
27. A steel wire of length 0.50m is stretched between
two fixed points and its fundamental frequency is
200Hz. The speed of the wave in the wire is
A. 100 ms-1 B. 120 ms-1
C. 200 ms-1 D. 250 ms-1
28. In a resonance tube experiment, if the fundamental
frequencyofthe vibrating air column is 280Hz, the
frequency of the third overtones is
A. 70Hz B. 840Hz
C. 1120Hz D. 1960Hz
29. An object O lies at a distance m in front of a
concave mirror of the focal length f. If m<f, then
the final image obtained will be
A. Virtual and diminished
B. Magnified and erect
C. Real and inverted
D. Diminished and erect.
30. An object is placed in front of two plane mirrors
inclined at an angle è0
. Ifthe total number ofimages
formed is 7, find the value of è?
A. 300 B. 450
C. 510 D. 900
31. The most suitable type of mirror used for the
construction of a searchlight is the
A. Concavemirror
B. Convexmirror
C. Sphericalmirror
D. Parabolicmirror.
32. The displacement d produced in a glass block of
thickness t and refractive index n when an object
is viewed through it is
A. t – n B. t(1 + 1
C. t(1 – 
) D. t(1
– 1)
33. The correct shape of the graph of uv against
(u + v) for an object distance u and image distance
vin n experiment tofind the focal length of a convex
lens is given as
34. A man wears convex lens glasses of focal length
30cm in order to correct his eye defect. Instead of
the optimum 25cm, his least distance of distinct
vision is
A. 14cm B. 28cm
C. 75cm D. 150cm
35. Which of the following are true about infra-red
I It is invisible
II It is called heat ray
III Its frequency is higher than that of blues
IV It travels as a transverse wave.
A. I, II, III and IV.
B. I, II and Iv only
C. I, III and IVonly.
D. II, III and IVonly.
36. The force of repulsion between two point positive
charges 5uC and 8uC separated at a distance of
0.02mapart is
A. 1.8 x 10-10N B. 9.0x 10-8N
C. 9.0x 102N D. 4.5x 103N
37. An ebonite rod rubbed with fur attracts a glass
rod rubbed with silk because
A. Ebonite has a negative charge while glass has
a positive charge
B. Ebonite has a positive charge while glass has
a negative charge
C. Both have negative charges
D. Both have positive charges.
38. Which of the following diagrams show the
correction ofthe magnetic lines offorce of a vertical
wire XY carrying a current I?
39. Which of the following can be used to reduce local
action in a Leclanche cell?
A. A carbon rod as the positive pole.
B. Pure zinc as the negative pole.
C. Potassium permanganate solution in
contact with the positive pole.
D. Common salt solution.
The total resistance measured at PQ in the diagram
above is
A. 18.0Ohms B. 11.0Ohms
C. 4.0 Ohms D. 2.0 Ohms
41. Find thework done in moving a 2Ccharges between
two points X and Y in an electric field if the
potential difference is 100 volts.
A. 50J B. 100J
C. 200J D. 400J
42. A parallel capacitor has a common plate area of 5 x
10-8m-2 and plate separation of 2 x 103m.Assuming
free space, what is the capacitance?
A. 2.25 x 10-17F
B. 4.50 x 10-17F
C. 2.25 x 10-16F
D. 4.50 x 10-16F
43. The iron core of an induction coil is made from
bundles of wires so as to
A. Minimize eddy-currents
B. Generate eddy-currents
C. Prevent sparking at the contact breaker
D. Get the greatest possible secondary
44. Electricity is supplied to a school along a cable of
total resistance 0.5 Ù with the maximum current
drawn fromthemains as100A. themaximumenergy
dissipated as heat for 1hr is
A. 3.6 x 103
J B. 5.0 x 103
C. 3.0 x 105
J D. 1.8 x 107
In the a.c. circuit diagram above, the resonance
frequency is
A. 5000ðHz
B. 2500ðHz
C. 5000/ðHz
D. 2500/ðHz
46. A transformer which can produce 8V from a 240V
a.c. supply, has an efficiency of 80%. If the current
in the secondary coil is 15A, calculate the current
in the primarycoil.
A. 0.625A B. 1.600A
C. 2.500A D. 6.250A
47. The electrochemical equivalent ofmetal is 1.3 x 10-
. The mass of the metal which 2.0 x 104C of
electricity will deposit from a suitable electrolyte
A. 6.5 x 10-2kg B. 2.6 x 10-2kg
C. 6.5 x 10-3kg D. 2.6 x 10-3kg
48. A radioactive substance has a half-life of 80 days.
Ifthe initial number of atomsin the sample is 6.0 x
, how many atoms would remain at the end of
320 days?
A. 3.75x 109 B. 7.50x 109
C. 3.00 x 1010 D. 5.63 x 1010
49. In a nuclear fusion experiment, the loss of mass
amounts to 1.0 x 10-6kg. The amount of energy
obtained from the fusion is
A. 3.0 x 10-4J
B. 3.0 x 10-1J
C. 9.0 x 104
D. 9.0 x 1010J
[Speed of light = 3.0 x 108ms-1]
50. In photoelectric effect, electrons will leave the
metal surface when illuminated by light of
appropriate frequency if the photon energy is
A. Greater than the work function.
B. Less than the work function
C. Equal to the work function
D. Equal to the maximum kinetic energy of
the electrons.

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