​Jamb 1999 questions and answers for physics 

​Jamb 1999 questions and answers for physics 
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1. A car ofmass 800kg attains a speed of 25ms-1 in 20
seconds. The power developed in the energy is
A. 1.25 x 104
 W B. 2.50x 104W
C. 1.25 x 106
 W D. 2.50 x 106
2. A lead bullet ofmass 0.05kg isfired with a velocity
of 200ms-1 into a lead block ofmass 0.95 kg. Given
that the lead block can move freely, the final kinetic
energy after impact is
A. 50 J B. 100 J
C. 150 J D. 200 J
3. A ball of mass 0.1kg isthrown vertically upwards
with a speed of 10 ms-1 from the top of a tower 10m
high. Neglecting air resistance, itstotal energyjust
before hitting the ground is
A. 5 J B. 10 J
C. 15 J D. 20 J
[g = 10ms-2].
The figure above represents a frictionless pulley
system in which a weight Wis in equilibrium with
a weight of 40N. Find the value of W
A. 13.1 N B. 20.0 N
C. 40.0 N D. 80.0 N
The diagram above shows a solid figure with base
PQ and centre gravity G on an inclined plane.
Which of the following statements is correct?
A. The solid will fall over if the vertical line
through G lies outside the base.
B. The solid will fall over if the vertical line
through G lines inside the base.
C. The solid will not fall over if the vertical
line through G lies outside the base.
D. The solid can never fall over.
6. Two bodies have masse in the ratio 3 : 1. They
experience forces which impart to them
accelerationsin the ratio 2: 9 respectively. Find the
ratio of the forces the masses experience.
A. 1: 4
B. 2: 1
C. 2: 3
D. 2: 5.
The diagram above showsthe velocity-time graph
of a vehicle. Its acceleration and retardation
respectively are
A. 8.0 ms-2
, 4.0 ms-2
B. 4.0 ms-2
, 8.0 ms-2
C. 4.0 ms-2
, 2.0 ms-2
D. 2.0 ms-2
, 4.0 ms-2
8. A particle of mass 10-2kg isfixed to the tip of a fan
blade which rotates with angular velocity of 100
rad s-1
. If the radius of the blade is 0.2m, the
centripetal force is
A. 2 N B. 20 N
C. 200 N D. 400 N
9. The inner diameter of a small test tube can be
measured accurately using a
A. Micrometer screw guage
B. Pair of dividers
C. Metre rule
D. Pair of vernier calipers.
10. A gas at a volume V0
in a container at pressure P0
is compressed to one fifth of its volume. What will
be its pressure if it maintains its original
temperature T?
A. Po/5
B. 4/5 P0
C. P0
D. 5P0
11. A piece ofsubstance ofspecific heat capacity 450
J kg-1 K-1 falls through a vertical distance of 20m
from rest. Calculate the rise in temperature of thesubstance on hitting the ground when all its
energies are converted into heat.
A. 2/90C B. 4/90C
C. 9/40C D. 9/20C
[g = 10 ms-2].
The diagram above shows a lift pump with valves
at P and Q. during a downward stroke of the piston,
A. Both valves are open
B. P is open while Q is closed
C. P is closed while Q is open
D. Both valves are closed.. 
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In the J – tube above, Y and X are on the same
horizontal level and 30cm3 of air istrapped above
Y when the atmospheric pressure is 75cm Hg.
Calculate the volume of air trapped above Y when
15cm Hg is now poured into the limb above X.
A. 15cm3 B. 25cm3
C. 35cm3 D. 45cm3
14. If the stress on a wire is 107 Nm-2 and the wire is
stretchedfromits originallength of10.00cmto10.05
cm. The young’s modulus of the wire is
A. 5.0x 104Nm-2 B. 5.0x 105Nm-2
C. 2.0x 108Nm-2 D. 2.0x 109Nm-2
15. A solid weights 10.0N in air, 6.0 N when fully
immersed in water and 7.0 N when fullyimmersed
in a certain liquid X. Calculate the relative density
of the liquid.
A. 5/3 B. 4/3
C. ¾ D. 7/10
16. I. A liquid boils when its saturated
vapour pressure is equal to the external
II. Dissolved substances in pure water lead
to increase in the boiling point.
III. When the external pressure isincreased,
the boiling point increases.
IV Dissolved substances in pure water
decrease the boiling point.
Which combination of the above are peculiarities
of the boiling point of a liquid?
A. I, II and III
B. I, II,III and IV
C. I, II and IV
D. II, III and IV.
17. When the temperature of a liquid isincreased, its
surface tension
A. Decreases B. Increases
C. Remains constant
D. Increase then decreases.
18. When the brakesin a car are applied, the frictional
force on the tyres is
A. A disadvantage because it is in the direction
of motion of the car
B. A disadvantage because it is in the opposite
direction of motion of the car.
C. An advantage because it is in the direction of
motion of the car.
D. An advantage because it is in the opposite
direction of motion of the car.
19. The lowest note emitted by a stretched string has
a frequency of 400Hz. How many overtones are
their between 40Hz and 180 Hz?
A. 4 B. 3
C. 2 D. 1
20. Aman stands 4m in front of a plane mirror. If the
mirror is moved 1m towardsthe man, the distance
between him and hisimage is
A. 3m B. 5m
C. 6m D. 10m
21. If a sound wave gors from a cold-air region to a
hot-air region, its wavelength
A. Increase
B. Decrease
C. Decrease then increase
D. Remain constant
22. The inside portion of part of a hollowmetalsphere
of diameter 20cm is polished. The portion will therefore form a
A. Concave mirror offocal length 5 cm
B. Concave mirror offocal length 5 cm
C. Convex mirror offocal length 5 cm
D. Convex mirror of focal length 20cm.
23. The equation of a wave traveling along the positive
x-direction is given by y = 0.25 x 10-3 sin (500 t –
0.025 x). Determine the angular frequency of the
wave motion,
A. 0.25 x 10-3 rad s-1
B. 0.25 x 10-1rad s-1
C. 5.00 x 102
rad s-1
D. 2.50 x 102
rad s-1
24. Calculate the mass of ice that would melt when
2kg of copper is quickly transferred from boiling
water to a block of ice without heat loss
A. 8/33kg B. 33/80kg
C. 80/33kg D. 33/8kg
[Specific heat capacity of copper = 400 J kg-1 K-1;
Latent heat of fussion of ice = 3.3 x 105
J kg-1]
The diagram above represents a transverse
electromagnetic wave traveling with speed 3.0 x
. What is the frequency of the wave?
A. 3.0x 107Hz
B. 90x 107Hz
C. 1.0x 109Hz
D. 3.0x 109Hz
27. The temperature gradient across a copper rod of
thickness 0.02m, maintained a two temperature
junctions of 200C and 800C respectively is
A. 3.0 x 102 Km-1 B. 3.0 x 103 Km-1
C. 5.0 x 103 Km-1 D. 3.0 x 104 Km-1
The diagram above showa magnet X with itsSouth
polemoved along a soft-iron bar PQ in the direction
shown. After some time, the poles at P and Q
respectively are
A. North – North
B. North – South
C. South – North
D. South – South
29. Four cells each of e.m.f. 1.5V and internalresistance
of 4 Ohms are connected in parallel. What is the
effective e.m.f. and internal resistance of the
A. 6.0V, 16Ohms
B. 6.0V, 1Ohms
C. 1.5V, 4Ohms
D. 1.5V, 1Ohms
In the circuit above, the ammeter reads a current of
5.0A when R= 8 Ohms and reads 7.0 Awhen
R= 5 Ohms. The value of the unknown resistance
X is
A. 10.0Ohms B. 7.5 Ohms
C. 5.0 Ohms D. 2.5 Ohms
31. An astronomical telescope issaid to be in normal
adjustment when the
A. Eye is accommodated
B. Focal length of objective lens is longer
than that of eye piece
C. Final image is at the near point of eye
D. Final image is at infinity.
32. Steel is more suitable for permanent magnet than
iron because the former
A. Is easily demagnetized by shaking vigorously
B. Is an alloy of many metals
C. Is easily magnetized by alternating current
through one cycle
D. Retains magnetism more than iron.
The diagram above showsthe prism arrangement
in a
A. Binocular B. Spectrometer
C. Penscope D. Projector
34. The velocities offlight air and glass are 3.0 x 108ms
and 2.0 x 108ms-1 respectively. If the angle of
refraction is 300
, the sine of the angle of incidence
A. 0.33 B. 0.50
C. 0.67 D. 0.75
In the series a.c. circuit shown above, the p.d
acrossthe inductor is 8Vr.m.s. The effective voltage
A. 2V B. 10V
C. 14V D. 48V
36. The core of an efficient transfoemer should consist
of laminated pieces of metal in order to
A. Increase the heat produced by increasing the
eddy current
B. Increase the heat produced by reducing the
eddy current
C. Reduce the heat produced by increasing the
eddy current
D. Reduce the heat produced by reducing the
eddy current.
37. In Fleming’s right-hand rule, the thumb, the
forefinger and the middle finger if held mutuallyat
right angles represent respectively, the
A. Motion, the field and induced current
B. Induced current, the motion and the field
C. Fireld, the induced current and the motion
D. Induced current, the field and the motion.
In the circuit above, the potential across each
capacitor is 100V. The total energy stored in the
two capacitors is
A. 3.0 x 104
 J B. 3.0 x 102
C. 2.5 x 10-2 J D. 6.0 x 10-3 J
39. At what frequency would a 10 H inductor have a
reactance of 2000 ohms?
A. ð/
200Hz B. ð
C. 100/
ðHz D. 100ðHz
40. A 3000 W electric cooker is to be used on a 200V
mains circuit. Which of the fuses below can be
used safely with the cooker?
A. 2A B. 5A
C. 10A D. 20A
42. A galvanometer has a resistance of 5 Ù. By using
a shunt wire ofresistance 0.05 Ù, the galvanometer
could be converted to an ammeter capable of
reading 2 A. What is the current through the
A. 2 mA B. 10mA
C. 20mA D. 25mA
In the diagram above, if the internal resistance of
the cell is zero, the ratio of the power P1
and P2
dissipated by R1
and R2
respectively, is
A. R2
B. R1
C. R1
 + R2
D. R1 + R2
3. If x is the uncertainty in the measurement of
the position of a particle along the x-axis and “Px is
the uncertainty in the measurement of the linear
momentum along the x-axis, then the uncertainty
principle relation is given as
A. x Px >h
B. x Px = 0
C. x Px < h
D. x Px = 00
44. Na + Proton X + alpha particle. What are the
values of p and q respectively in the equation
A. 10 and 20 B. 12 and 24
C. 20 and 10 D. 24 and 12.
45. A semi-conductor diode is used in rectifying
alternating current into direct current mainly
because it
A. Allows current to flow in either direction
B. Is non-linear
C. Offers a high input resistance
D. Allows current to flow only in one direction.
46. In semi-conductors, the carriers of current at room
temperature are
A. Electrons only
B. Electrons and holes
C. Holes only
D. Electrons and ions
47. What is the speed of a particle of mass 10-27kg
whose wavelength is 10-8m?
A. 6.63 ms-1 B. 66.30 ms-1
C. 663.00 ms-1 D. 6630.00ms-1
(h = 6.63 x 10-34 JS)
48. In a series R-L-C circuit at resonance, the voltages
across the resistor and the inductor are 30 V and
40 V respectively. What is the voltage across the
A. 30 V B. 40 V
C. 50 V D. 70 V
49. Gamma rays are produced when
A. High velocity electrons are abruptly stopped
in metals
B. Energy changes occur within the nucleus
C. Energy changes occur within the electronic
structure of atoms
D. Electrons are deflected in very strong
magnetic fields.
50. In the Rutherford scattering experiment, a beam of
alpha particles was fired at a thin gold film with
some of the particles being considerably deflected.
This shows that
A. A gold nucleus contains protons, nuietrons
and electrons uniformly distributed in a tiny
B. The gold nucleusis positively charged and is
concentrated in a tiny volume
C. The gold nucleus emitted alpha particles
D. The gold nucleus is concentrated in a tiny
volume and contains alpha particles.

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