​Jamb 2002 questions and answers for physics

​Jamb 2002 questions and answers for physics 
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1. Which of the following is the correct shape of the
velocity-time graph of a sphericalsteel ball dropped
into a viscous fluid in a tall cylinder?
2. Aparticle in circularmotion performs 30 oscillations
in 6 seconds. Its angular velocity is
A. 6 rad s-1 B. 5 rad s-1
C. 10 rad s-1 D. 5 rad s-1
3. A copper cube weights 0.25N in air, 0.17N when
completelyimmersed in paraffin oil and 0.15Nwhen
completelyimmersed in water.The ratio of upthrust
in oil to upthrust in water is
A. 13: 10 B. 7 : 10
C. 3 : 5 D. 4 : 5
4. The hydrostatic blood pressure difference between
the head and feet of a boy standing straight is
1.65 x 104 Nm-2
. Find the height of the boy.
A. 1.5m B. 2.0m
C. 0.6m D. 0.5m
[Density of blood = 1.1 x 103 kgm-3
, g = 10ms-2]
5. If the total force acting on a particle is zero, the
linear momentumwill
A. Be constant B. Increase
C. Increase then decrease
D. Decrease
6. The effect of a particle in a fluid attaining its
terminal velocity is that the
A. Buoyancy force is more than the weight
of the fluid displaced
B. Buoyancy force is equal to the viscous
retarding force
C. Acceleration is maximum
D. Weighting is equal to the retarding force.
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The diagram above shows the force-extension
curve of a piece of wire. The energy stored when
the wire is stretched from E to F is
A. 1.5 x 10-2 J B. 7.5 x 10-3 J
C. 7.5 x 10-1 J D. 2.5 x 10-3 J
8. If the distance between two suspended masses
10kg each is tripled, the gravitational force of
attraction between them is reduced by
A. One ninth B. One quarter
C. One third D. One half
9. A wheel and axle is used to raise a load of 500 N by
the application of an effort of 250N. If the radii of
the wheel and the axle are 0.4cm and 0.1cm
respectively, the efficiency of the machine is
A. 50% B. 60%
C. 20% D. 40% 10.
The diagram above shows the force (F) acting on
an object through a distance (x). The work done
on this object is expressed as
A. F J
B. Fx2 J
C. Fx J
D. Fx J
11. A body weighting 80 N stands in an elevator that
is about to move. The force exerted by the floor on
the body as the elevator moves upwards with an
acceleration of 5ms-2 is
A. 120N B. 40N
C. 160N D. 80N
[g = 10ms-2]
12. Two forces each of 10N act on a body, one towards
north and the other towards the east. The
magnitude and the direction of the resultant force
A. 20N, 450
 W B. 10 2N, 450
C. 10 2N, 450
 E D. 20N, 450
13. A ray of light which strikes a glassslab from air at
normal incidence passes through the slab
A. Undeviated and displaced at a faster speed
B. Undeviated and undisplaced at a lower speed
C. Deviated and undisplaced at a lower speed
D. Deviated and displaced at a lower speed.
14. Which of the following is a characteristic of
stationary waves?
A. The distance between two successive nodes
is one wavelength.
B. They are formed by two identical waves
traveling in opposite directions.
C. The antinode is a point minimum
D. They can be transverse or longitudinal.
15. Which of the following eye defects can be
corrected using a cylindrical lens?
A. Presbyopia
B. Chromatic aberration
C. Myopia
D. Astigmatism
16. The property that is propagated in traveling wave
A. Amplitude B. Wavelength
C. Frequency D. Energy
17. A concave mirror of radius of curvature 40 cm
forms a real image twice as large asthe object. The
object distance is
A. 60cm B. 40cm
C. 30cm D. 10cm
18. If tension is maintained on a stretched string of
length 0.6m, such that its fundamental frequency
of 220 Hz is excited, determine the velocity of the
transverse wave in the string.
A. 264 ms-1 B. 132 ms-1
C. 66 ms-1 D. 528 ms-1
19. The radiator of a motor car is cooled by
A. Radiation and conduction
B. Radiation
C. Conduction
D. Convection
20. A coin placed below a rectangular glass block of
thickness 9cm and refractive index 1.5 is viewed
vertically above the block. The apparent
displacement of the coin is
A. 5cm B. 3cm
C. 8cm D. 6cm
21. Blowing air over a liquid aids evaporation by
A. Decreasing its vapour pressure
B. Decreasing its density
C. Increasing its surface area
D. Increasing its temperature
22. The pressure of 3 moles of an ideal gas at a
temperature of 270C having a volume of 10-3m3
A. 7.47 x 105 Nm-2
B. 2.49x 106Nm-2
C. 7.47 x 106 Nm-2
D. 2.49 x 105 Nm-2
[R= 8.3 J mol-1 K-1]
23. To produce an enlarged and erect image with a
concave mirror, the object must be positioned
A. Between the principal focus and the pole
B. Between the principal focus and the
centre of curvature
C. Beyond the centre of curvature
D. At the principal focus.
24. The colours seen in soap bubbles are due to
A. Refraction B. Diffraction
C. Interference D. Dispersion
25. The phenomenon that makes sound persist when
its source has been removed is known as
A. Reverberation
B. Acoustic vibration
C. Rarefaction
D. Echo
26. Vibrationsin a stretched spring cannot be polarized
because they are
A. Longitudinal wave
B. Mechanical waves
C. Stationery waves
D. Transverse waves.
27. I. Temperature
II Density of air molecules
III Pressure
IV Pitch
Which of the above will affect the velocity of
sound air?
A. I, II and IV only B. I and II only
C. I, II,III and IV D. II and IV
28. Water is poor thermometric liquid because it
A. Wets glass
B. Has low vapour pressure
C. Is opaque
D. Is a poor conductor
29. The time rate of loss of heat by a body is
proportional to the
A. Temperature of its surroundings
B. Difference in temperature between the
body and its surrounding
C. Temperature of the body
D. Ratio of the temperature of the body to
that of its surrounding.
30. An electric iron israted 1 000 W, 230V.What isthe
resistance of its element?
A. 57.6Ohms B. 55.9Ohms
C. 51.9Ohms D. 52.9Ohms
The electric field between the two-point charges
is shown in the diagram above. What types of
charges are at X and Y?
A. Both X and Y are positive
B. X is positive and Y is negative
C. X is negative and Y is positive
D. Both X and Y are negative.
32. The eye controls the mount of light reaching the
retina by adjusting the
A. Iris B. Optic nerve
C. Cornea D. Retina
33. An electric cell with nominal voltage E has a
resistance of 3 Ohms connected across it. If the
voltage falls to 0.6Volts, the internal resistance of
the cell is
A. 2Ohms B. 4Ohms
C. 1Ohms D. 3Ohms
34. When connected to a mains 250V, the fuse rating
in the plug of an electric device of 1kW is
A. 5 A B. 4 A
C. 3 A D. 2 A
35. The electromagnetic wave that can produce a
heating effect on the environment is
A. Gamma rays B. X-rays
C. Ultraviolet rays D. Infrared rays.
36. The energy stored in a capacitor of capacitance
10uF carrying a charge pf 100uC is
A. 5 x 10-4 J B. 4 x 10-3 J
C. 4 x 102
 J D. 5 x 104
From the diagram above, determine the value of
the resistance X
A. 15Ohms B. 12Ohms
C. 9 Ohms D. 6 Ohms
Calculate the refractive index of the material for
the glass prism in the diagram above.
A. 3
B. 4
C. 2
D. 2
39. The particle that isresponsible for nuclear fission
in a nuclear reactor is
A. Electron B. Neutron
C. Photon D. Proton
40. At what frequency would a capacitor of 2.5uF used
in a radio circuit have a reactance of 250Ohms?
A. 200 Hz
B. Hz
C. 2000 Hz
D. 800Hz
41. The percentage of the original nuclei of a sample
of a radioactive substance left after 5 half-lives is
A. 1 % B. 3 %
C. 5 % D. 8 %
42. Acurrent of 0.5 Aflowing for 3 h deposits 2g of a
metal during electrolysis.. the quantityof the same
metal that would be deposited by a current of 1.5 A
flowing in 1h is
A. 18 g B. 10 g
C. 6 g D. 2 g
43. 2
1Na + X 
F + 
What particle is X in the reaction above?
A. Neutron B. Alpha
C. Gamma D. Beta
44. A transistor is used in the amplification ofsignals
because it
A. Allows doping
B. Controls the flow current
C. Contains electron and hole carriers
D. Consumes a lot of power
45. Which of the following statements is true of the
properties of a moving coil galvanometer?
A. It has a small number of turns of coil
B. There is a strong permanent magnet to give
high magnetic flux
C. The coil ha a small area.
D. There are strong hair springs to give a large
control couple
46. Pure silicon can be converted to a p-type material
by adding a controlled amount of
A. Pentavalent atoms
B. Trivalent atoms
C. Hexavalent atoms
D. Tetravalent atoms
47. From the generating station to each substation
power is transmitted at a very high voltage so as
to reduce
A. Heating in the coils
B. Magnetic flux leakage
C. Hysteresis loss
D. Eddy current loss.
Which of the following graphs shows the correct
vector diagram for the circuit above?
49. The energy associated with the photon of a radio
transmission at 3 x 105 Hz is
A. 2.00 x 10-29 J
B. 2.00 x 10-28 J
C. 1.30 x 10-29 J
D. 1.30 x 10-28 J
50. The carbon-granule microphone works on the
principle of change in
A. Capacitance B. Voltage
C. Inductance D. Resistance

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