20 tips on how to pass waec and neco 2018/2019 once

20 tips on how to pass waec and neco 2018/2019 once: this article seeks to give waec and neco candidates 20 helpful tips on how to pass waec and neco 2018/2019 once. 
Probably you have been wondering if it’s possible to make waec and neco in one sitting without the help of anyone,i want you to know that yes it is possible to make waec and neco in one sitting if you do the right thing am going to point out here. 
As you all know the dream of every waec and neco candidates is to have A’s and B’s in WAEC and NECO, but success don’t come easily without hard work, you must earn it, nothing good comes easily on the platter of gold. 

20 tips on how to pass waec and neco


  • Get waec and neco recommended text books
  • Register in a center that has not been blacklist 
  • Make the right subject combination click here to see all subjects combination 
  • Understand how questions are being set in waec and neco 
  • Study waec and neco past questions and answer 
  • Be determined to make your results once and for all
  • Refuse to see your self as a failure 
  • Look for a good lectures center and register 
  • Always practice questions that are set at the back of your text books
  • Work out a reading timetable 
  • Form the habit of reading at night, click here to see how to overcome night sleep while reading at night 
  • Try as much as you can to improve on how you write


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When writing the exams in the hall


  • Avoid writing same things with your colleagues – your results might be withheld 
  • Write very fast as there are few times left
  • Always cross check your works
  • Go straight to the point, don’t write off points 
  • Give examples as this gives extra marks
  • Remember all formulars, using wrong formula can result to negative mark 
  • Avoid using bad English Languages 
  • This goes to waec and neco candidates taking jamb ; click here to see helpful tips to make you pass jamb once and for all
  • Always visit schols.com.ng for more updates and helps
  • Invite your friends also 

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