2019/2020 jamb cbt expo – jamb runz runs is it working? 2019/2020 UTME jamb expo

2019/2020 jamb cbt expo – jamb runz runs is it working?

Welcome To The JAMB EXPO (runs) 2019/2020 Assistance Portal, Here We Will Give You Overviews Of The Service We Provide As Well As Stating Clearly All Relevant Information About Jamb CBT 2019/2020.

Do you know that scoring high in jamb is not difficult? Getting 280-300+ is not magic it’s just real, reason that so many people fail to get such mark simply means that they have not been able to crack the ultimate secrets on how to pass jamb successfully with out expo and runz.
The purpose of creating this article is not to collect money from you with the aim of giving you jamb expo or runs runz but to help you succeed and pass jamb without expo
If you can read this article from A-Z then you will discover only but the only way to score high in jamb

A lot of people have been searching for 2019/2020 jamb expo online. We all understand the difficulty in passing jamb and we are all happy that the Internet has become a huge resource proving information on Jamb related topics.
In fact so many websites are now even providing learning cbt tools that will aid candidates to excel in 2019/2020 jamb.
This cbt tools has not only helped hundreds of thousands in passing jamb exam but has also help them in securing admission in their school of choice.
There are some sites that give free jamb questions and answers on jamb
Once don’t even need to go to market again to get pass questions all are now accessible online with just a single click and you are good to go

Does 2019/2020 jamb expo /runz work?

When jamb was on paper type there was wide spread of 2019/2020 jamb expo and runs/runz, in fact it was easy to score 280 . I know some friends who used expo and runs then and they came out in flying colors and we that said we won’t make use of runs and expo score just 200 imagine.
Then there was nothing like post utme in all federal and state universities, once you get the required cut-off marks you are good to go.
I knew a year like that in 2002 when a whole center got 250 just because they used jamb runz expo runs and above and all of them where all medicine students and it was once said that those students most of them can’t read and write,a probe was conducted and it was established that they where mostly school drop out who just came back to try their luck
Just imagine if they had their way to become doctors and they where to perform a surgery on you hmmmmm you know what would have happened. You see what 2019/2020 jamb expo runs runz would have caused?
But at 2004 something dramatic happened the then minister of Education passed an order that allow candidates to be screen, although then there was nothing like post utme form, it was just screening of candidates results to check against those that cheat most importantly those in health sciences.
With time schools started extortion of candidates all in the name of Post-UTME Screening Form.
Now it’s difficult to enter any school with just your Jamb score.
Post-UTME is a sure thing in our University, most universities now even adopts cbt hahahahahaha double wahala. So would you scale through with 2019/2020 jamb cbt expo runs runz?
The time to plan your future on a solid ground is now. I will challenge you to plan it once and for all with practical ways of reading and understanding

Can 2019/2020 jamb expo runs database be broken?

Jamb database is an online bank where jamb stored all candidates questions and answers at the same time, this database is very secured in fact it was said that jamb boss hired some IT expert from Indians to come work on them.
Believe me this database is so secured to the point that jamb boss boasted that it can’t be broken that he has so much confidence on it.
But in some quarters some are claiming it can be broken, mostly online. but to me i don’t really think it will be easy for just anybody to break into the Nigerian bank and take away money. Even though anyone can do it, it will cost him millions to learn that in a broad but honestly I don’t think it will be easy.
This same scenario applies to jamb bank, it can’t be broken now to me oh hahahahahaha but nothing is impossible in this life.

How secure is 2019/2020 jamb runz expo database

I don’t think jamb will be foolish enough to leave their database broken, if it’s so we would have heard people scoring upto 350 to even 400 but have you seen?
In 2016 the Nigerian Civil Defence Corp arrested some cyber cafe operators they claim they where trying to hack into jamb databases before they where caught. We don’t know how True is it.

How much will 2019/2020 jamb runs expo cost

Let’s just assume that finally someone was able to crack jamb runs expo database and he wants to sell the question.. How much do you think he or she will sell it?
After all the stress and finance, risk such am individual took to me he will charge nothing less than 50,000 to 100,000 . One is because if such a one is caught he might end up in jail that’s for sure.
We all know the new jamb boss how strict he is and how determined he is to stop jamb runs expo and the rest malpractice

What’s the way forward in 2019/2020 jamb runs expo

The way forward is to follow my detailed guidelines on how to pass jamb successfully I have written a lot of good articles that will help you succeed.
Believe me once you succeed in reading this article from A-Z you will discover that jamb is not that hard as so many people make it to look like, in fact jamb is moi moi
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  1. Best Order To successfully Answer Jamb questions


  • Use Of English
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Literature
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Commerce
  • C.R.K
  • Agriculture
  • Geography
  • Accounting

Get your Jamb expo runz runs questions and answers a day before your exam?

Now another question i will throw to you is that how possible is it to get jamb questions and answers a day before the exam?
If it’s possible honestly there will be no failure in jamb, there will be no mass failure in 2019/2020 jamb cbt expo runs runz.
But this is Nigeria and anything can be possible, honestly there is corruption everywhere but certainly not with jamb. The jamb boss I know will not allow that. If you doubt ask those who schooled in unilorin during his days they will tell you how deadly this man is and how they where mass failure in the school
OK look for those that write jamb cbt expo runs runz last year and ask them how was last year jamb, if they where able to get the question and answers a day before the exam or not.
We have said a lot today about 2019/2020 jamb cbt expo runs runz now What’s your take on it? What’s your conclusion and observations to all I just said?
OK now if I ask you to pay me 4000 now to get the questions and answers a day before the exams will you give me your hard earned money?
See let me tell you I need money badly, if I can get 4000 multiplied by 2000 candidates that paid into my bank account that’s 8,000,000 (8 million naira) wow cool cash. More than the money that snake swallowed from jamb
OK let’s say we reduced the number of subscribers to 1000 that means am getting 4 million wow still cool cash.
OK let me say I now got 500 candidates that paid me 4000 I will be getting 2 million still big money oh
OK let me say I got 200 candidates only 8 hundred thousand cool cash
OK what about if i collected this money then I couldn’t break into jamb databases then I now switch off my phone and throw away the Sim card in river Niger hope you won’t be annoyed?
But on a second thought all this money is big oh imagine self .
But I value your education and I believe in hard work and I know that the only thing that pays is when u read your books.
I will never deceive you, your education is worth more than gold or millions. I want the best in you.
If you have any question to ask about jamb just use the comment box please don’t drop your numbers God bless you.
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