Can I Write Waec, Neco And Jamb Together In 2018? Yes, It Is Good

In my last article i wrote about how an SS1 & SS2 students can write WAEC, NECO and jamb all together you can as well follow all my WAEC and NECO lecture series here
Now, i will give a straight and simple response to this burning question in the heart of so many candidates wishing to know the truth. 

Simple truth on writing both waec and jamb together : 

As a matter of fact no law in Nigeria prohibit candidates from taking both  WAEC, NECO and JAMB exams together  as long as you are not carrying expo or runs to write the exam. So don’t let the old tradition of passing waec and neco before taking jamb prevent you from taking the bold steps. 

Does jamb allows awaiting results? 

I know that is the next question you want to ask now, if you are still wondering if jamb allows awaiting result please click here to read more

Universities that allow awaiting results

I have compiled a list of universities that allows awaiting results click here to find out
Now that you have gone through those links i shared above let me put down some tips for you 

  • it is very advisable to write Waec and Jamb the same year. 
  • Writing both WAEC and NECO same year will increase your chances of getting admission. 
  • You will probably not spend extra year at home 
  • There is every high probability that you will graduate at a young age if admitted. As age is a ranking factor when seeking for jobs these days 
  • One of the most interesting facts is that as you prepare for WAEC, the topics you read and study is almost the same topic that are in jamb syllabus. Indirectly you prepare for Jamb 
  • One reason why so many candidates are scared to write waec and Jamb together is because they think they would fail. Another reason is that they think there is no time to prepare for Jamb specially.

Final tip: team advices you to take WAEC and NECO and JAMB together as this will not only make you gain admission much more earlier than you imagined, but also prevent you from spending extra year at home hence  ensures you graduates on time

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