can WAEC or NECO cancelled result be released

can WAEC /NECO cancelled result be released:
It’s really frustrating to see your waec or NECO results be withheld or canceled due to one reason or the other. This problem is usually compounded when you actually want to process your admission using same results. It’s no news that all universities and Polytechnics now have deadline for students to complete their registration and without your WAEC OR NECO results you won’t be able to complete your application process. Those who failed to meet up usually are denied admission.
Now back to the main question, can waec or NECO cancelled result be released?
The truth of the matter is that nothing is impossible under the sun, yes WAEC or NECO can release awaiting results but this will largely be dependent on the grounds the result where withheld in the first place . some result are withheld due to minor issues.
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Most results are withheld as a result of examination malpractice : waec and neco do frown on exam malpractice a lot, most sites and even schools supply live answers to candidates writing waec or NECO. The truth of the matter is that once waec or NECO suspect that you cheat and its widespread they won’t release the results.
Waec or NECO Blacklisted Center : before registering for waec or NECO under any center always check if that center is blacklisted. Most time if WAEC notice that there is widespread malpractice is a school they will blacklist such center and might even cancel results of candidates in that center.
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Please note that the major reason waec or NECO results are withheld are largely due to exam malpractice. But once you are sure that you didn’t cheat please hold on your results will be release in no distance time once investigation has been concluded.
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Please note that withheld results is not the end of life, you can sit for another exam be it WEAC, NECO or GCE.

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