hidden facts in jamb Mathematics ~ 2018 jamb 

Hidden facts in jamb Mathematics ~ 2018 jamb
Jamb Mathematics is an indispensable subject of study. It plays an important role in forming the basis of all other sciences which deal with the material substance of space and time.
secrets of mathematics in jamb
Yet Mathematics has posed to be  very big problems to many not limited to jamb candidates. Yet this mathematics is one of the most important subject needed to gain admission into the Universities, Polytechnics and   college of education , almost all faculties and departments requires candidates to have at least a pass in mathematics you see whyy Maths it’s important in jamb, even some faculty requires a credit in it, yet this demanding subject has not only been a nightmare to candidates but have denied candidates opportunities to study their desired course in school.

What is mathematics

Mathematics is a fundamental science. It is that branch of science that uses numbers and symbols. Numbers and symbols are arranged using systematic mathematical rules.
hidden facts in jamb Mathematics ~ 2018 jamb
secrets of mathematics in jamb

importance of mathematics

You might be asking why does almost all subjects requires mathematics before allow candidates in.

  • Mathematics helps us to develop the habit of accuracy and prevent us from being careless
  • Mathematics helps us to  budgets and preplan our expenditures.
  • Mathematics helps us to forecast sales and profits.
  • Mathematics is important to our everyday life, arithmetic which is a branch of mathematics aid us to carry out  day to day transactions, with out sound Mathematical knowledge, a market woman can not compute sales for the day.
  • Mathematics is important to architects, builders and surveyors, mathematics help them to be able to arrive at the true measurements they want to achieve.
  • Fine and applied art: Mathematics is also important to them, it helps them to be able to get the required width and height of an object.

secrets of mathematics in jamb

Secret of being a good mathematician in jamb


Understand the rules in Maths :

to be a good mathematician in jamb  you must understand the rules in every topics that they taught you in school 

Memorize the formula :

try as much as you can to memorize the formula in  mathematics you come across, those formulas will guide you to arrive at the true answers

Get a good calculator:

get a good scientific calculator that will aid you to compute easily

Don’t hate the subject :

most jamb candidates already developed hatred towards their mathematics teachers in school, this will make the subject too irritating for their liking.

Dont skip Maths classes :

never you missed any Maths class, every Maths topic is a building blocks to more complex ones, so if you end up missing out one or two classes you won’t understand the next lecture.
hidden facts in jamb Mathematics ~ 2018 jamb 

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