Does High JAMB Score Automatically Grant You Admission?

Things You Should Know About The 2019/2020 JAMB Mock Exam 

The 2019/2020 jamb is here again before our very eyes and most of us has already pen down our strategies that will ensure total victory in JAMB.

To most candidates it’s either they get 250 and above while to some anything above the JAMB cut off mark is best for them.

But one thing you need to ask your self is “Does a high score in JAMB automatically grant you admission into University?”

OK let’s put it this way, you finally land your dream 250 mark or probably you got your dream 300+ and above. Does it now mean that the institution you apply for will now automatically gives you admission all because you got 300 or 250 with out following due process?

First you have to understand that most universities, polytechnics etc will like to sale their post UTME forms, this is an avenue through which they raise funds on yearly basis.

What am trying to say here is that schools now place more emphasis on post UTME screening exercise. Irrespective of your jamb score the institution will still conduct a writing or oral Post UTME, add the mark together then divide it to get your average score.

So a high score in JAMB doesn’t automatically grant you admission.

  • 1. Our first point is that You will have to buy your school of choice post UTME screening form, sit for Post UTME exams, which means that if you fail the post UTME screening exercise , then your JAMB high score will be divided into 2, which will be next to nothing .
  • 2. Another factor that comes into play is that, You must have a Good O level results ( WAEC, NECO, GCE) remember that As is 6 point, B is 4 and C is 3 points, if your O level results is all C and E it will affect your chances of securing an admission

Gaining admission depends on several factors such as the course you want ( Click here to see hardest courses to study in the university) and the university you pick. For certain schools your Jamb score is just 50% of the overall aggregate for others it could be higher or lower. Please click here to see list of universities to gain admission easily

It will be really helpful and nice to have a high Jamb score as this is one of the determining factors, but other your O level results and also your post UTME score comes to play and should be given serious attention to increase your chances of securing admission. click here to learn about the best strategy to adopt in all exams for total victory

Jambites and Readers, what is your say about this topic?
does high JAMB score grant automatically grant you admission ? or not?

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