How to change your Jamb email address and phone number – mistakes on email address 

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How to change your Jamb email address and phone number – mistakes on email address 
​This post seeks to guide you on what to do if you mistakenly entered a wrong email address and phone number during Jamb registration. 

A lot of candidates have faced this kind of problem and each day that passes i receive comments on this. 
Email address remains a vital part of jamb registration process, in fact it’s the first process as you can only begin your registration only after you must have sign up using your a valid email address. 
A lot of candidates have made serious mistakes by entering invalid email address and still continued and only realized when they are done with the registration process. This now becomes a burden that defies several solution. As every other error can be corrected easily 
Before you continue please read this 

How to replace new Phone number and Email in JAMB registration details:

To change your email address or phone number you need to go to the nearest jamb office closer to you You will be required to go along with your JAMB acknowledgment slip and any jamb doc used or received after registration
The above remains the only way to change your email address once you have used it for registration apart from going to jamb office, Jamb has not provided a space to do change of email address. 
Now that you are set to register for the 2019/2020 jamb exams please try as much as you can not to make any mistake on your email address and also on the phone number.
Should in case you made mistakes on the 2018/2019 Jamb try as much as you can to open a new profile, but this time make sure your details are all correct.

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  1. I went to a jamb office ,so I could change my email…but I was told is not necessary.. that we re going to reprint out with out registration num…..pls is that true

  2. I registered with an invalid Email address and I have been able to create a new email address with the same email I used in registering but with a different password, will it have any effect at all??

  3. *Please what were you told…???*
    *Like… Were you told you could actually do it???*
    *Mine is my phone number… I used someone else’s to send the text and didn’t change it during the registration so i want to change it now…*
    *And… Did they ask for cash???*

  4. Pls the email address I used in my jamb registesration is not Valid,PLEASE is there any way I can edit my valid emai address.THANKX

  5. When i registered my jamb the email address was spelt different instead of micheal the person spelt michael and i went on creating an email with the name spelt and i havent gotten any message yet since january 22 till date will i still get the message or not?

  6. How I’m I going to get my examination slip. Because the jamb official mistakenly. Put another person mail to my profile instead of mine.
    So, how will I get my examination slip.

    • It means you use an unregistered email address and now someone has taken it before you. Just relax and during time of reprinting, Reprint and you will see your date and venue

  7. I used the same email address of my jamb profile last year to open this year . Plus I am having problem accessing my last year jamb profile please any solution

  8. my email address was for somebody else which I don’t know..pls hope I will be able to see my jamb score. ND hw am I going to access it

  9. Pls I used an existing email but its not mine and I don’t have access to it but I can open my profile is there a problem? Because do I need to access the mail

  10. I mistakenly put instead of and I also tried opening another gmail account using that name but gmail said the use of ‘_’ is not possible….And I have not gotten my slip…. Please what should I do??

  11. Iregistered for jamb with an unregistered mail so 2days after I noticed so I opened a new account with the one on my registration form. But I haven’t gotten an email from jamb. Will I get the final printout now

  12. pls i used victorphilip43 instead of philipvictor43 and victorphilip43 belongs to someone else,pls what am i going to do,how will i view my profile

  13. please i use unregistered email address when i was registering but have opened another email now,will i receive my jamb reprint there?
    And how will i see my mock reprint?

  14. D email i used to register My jamb can’t be verified,if i open another with that same emailaddress can i bê able to do my reprinting ccan i still receive messages from jamb

  15. I can’t access the email I gave jamb. How do I getto know my center. can I go to jamb office and drop my mum’s valid email address?

  16. Pls Boss..
    My Jamb Gmail account didn’t work out when I tried using it in Jamb portal..
    The worst part was that I changed the password without the email being log in and it seems like the person that created it for me used a wrong Number
    Pls is it going to Affect me???
    And how Can I get a new password
    Am Confused 😕 Pls
    Reply me

  17. sir i mistakenly input another person email, and i don’t have access to that email, will affect my jamb when during the exam or will i need the email during the exam

  18. Please help, I can’t remember d password of the mail I used to register jamb and my phone has been stolen, so I can’t reset my password.i wanted to retrieve d line but I don’t have any identity card to tender. Please what else can I do. Somebody should help me

  19. I registered for de with an invalid mail so I created the mail asap but now I can’t login to my account. I tried the reset password but didn’t get any message, now I wanted to change my course but don’t know how… HELP ME OUT

  20. I tried creating a jamb profit but I always get turned down with the “you can’t create account at this time” what should I do?

  21. Pls I urgently need ur help and advice. The cbt center I went to register my jamb made a mistake in my email address and and only finding out now cos I want to do my reprint. How can I change it??

  22. Please how do I correct my yahoo mail,I create my jamb mail as yakubumusa but on my registration slip is yakumusa, they didn’t put ‘bu’

  23. How can I check my admission status since my jamb profile is telling me invalid email and I used the correct email to open it…can’t I check with my registration number and how Wil I do that if possible.

  24. i usedthe same email that is used for 2017 can i solve this problem because itdoesnot allow me to change my institution.

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