how to check airtel blackberry complete data balance on Android- bis unlimited 

how to check airtel blackberry complete data balance
In my last post i talked about airtel bis, bb, blackberry and Android subscription code here i explain how to subscribe to various cheap data plans  but today am going to talk about how to check airtel blackberry complete data balance, you might want to learn how to borrow airtime from airtel click here
​As internet subscription is becoming expensive Airtel 3GB plan on Android has now become the most subscribed airtel plan,so it is necessary for to show you the  simple way for you to be able to check Your remaining data plan after successfully subscribing to the Airtel 3GB plan.

How to Check Airtel BB Data Balance on Android 

Here’s the code to check Airtel Blackberry complete data balance.

  • Dial *140# to get an SMS response showing your Airtel BB10 data balance.

USSD Code to Check Airtel BlackBerry Data Balance

  • ==> Dial *123*9# to view your Airtel BB Data Balance.
  • ==> If you are subscribed to any other data plan which is not a BlackBerry plan, the Data Balance code is still *141*712*0# or *123*10#.
  • ==>  You can also dial *123# to check your Main Account Balance.

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