How to create your 2019 jamb profile with your mobile phone 

How to create your 2019 jamb profile with your mobile phone
So many candidates have been asking if it’s possible to create 2019 jamb profile using mobile phone
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This and many more questions we have received over and over again
Today I will be giving you a practical guidelines on how to successfully create your Jamb profile using your mobile phone or mobile device.

Creating your Jamb profile using your mobile phone

Please follow this steps to quickly create your Jamb profile successfully now

Step 1:

first step you should take is to Visit the Jamb official portal HereHow to create Jamb profile with your mobile phone 2018

Step 2:

When the page opens up, enter your functional email address, if you don’t have an email address click here to create one
and other details and click on verify email.
How to create Jamb profile with your mobile phone 2018 After

Step 3:

Login into your email and confirm it. In case you do not see it on your inbox, check your email spam folder, if you don’t see it there. Please relax and check again in a couple of minutes. It sometimes take time to arrive.How to create Jamb profile 2018

Step 4:

Click on the Link JAMB will send you to continue the registration. When the page opens up, enter your name, surname, email, date of birthday, password, etc.

Step 5:

Then click on “Sign Up” to complete the creation of your account.
You can now login with your details to view your profile.

Some important tips on Jamb Profile creation

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