How To Prepare And Pass Waec and neco  2018/2019 Once And For All- complete guide 

How To Prepare And Pass Waec and neco  2018/2019 Once And For All- complete guide

On my last article i talked about the important of writing WAEC and JAMB Together and I also talked about how SS1 and SS2 students can take both waec and jamb exam but today I will be giving a complete lecture of how to prepare and pass waec 2018/2019 Once And For all
Before i proceed there are some articles I have prepared that I need you to go through 

How to read effectively for jamb:

Here i made some strong points on the importance of developing a habit of reading and what strategy to adopt click here to join the class now 

Past questions the only hope: 

you might be disturbed why i tagged past questions as the only hope, don’t worry just click here to find out how to effectively use past questions to predict future answers 

How to successfully Answer  questions in any exam: This is the part you must not miss if you want to pass waec successful here i have shared some insightful tips on how to answer any exam questions 

The dream of every waec candidate is to pass waec once and for all. However, this doesn’t work for everybody. I explained this concept in my article on the reasons why people fail Jamb and the best way to survive the recent Jamb CBT Update. In this article, I have highlighted the 20 tips you need to pass waec 2018 without expo or runs.
You must understand that waec is now a major factor for gaining admission into your desired university and to study your desired course. Make sure you do every positive thing posible to pass 2017 waec and gain admission once and for. It will enable you leave your current level and face the University admission trend.
Tips To Pass Waec 2018 And Avoid Failure

  • Try to Understand how waec questions are  set as this is your number one strategy. 
  • Spend more time with your books
  • Create a working timetable for your self 
  • Have a complete set of WAEC and NECO syllabus click here to download all syllabus 
  • Get approved and recommended text books 
  • Avoid blacklisted WAEC and NECO centers-there are centers that are already marked for failure. 

 Please click her to get all the remaining tips

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