How To read and  Clear All Your Papers In  Waec Or Neco in 2018 2019 examination- legit guide 

How To read and  Clear All Your Papers In  Waec Or Neco in 2018 2019 examination- legit guide 
This post seeks to guide you on how to pass waec and neco easily with out any expo or runs from any one. How To read and  Clear All Your Papers In  Waec Or Neco in 2018 2019 examination- legit guide 
Do you know that expo or runs has not increased success rate among candidates or WAEC? rather it has created much problems altogether because most answers are fake and over 90% of those sites you see are run by scammers. 
To pass waec or NECO in one sitting is not that hard as majority of people think, no matter how hard and difficult they present it to you, don’t be scared, just join me let me show you how to pass once and for all
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To pass WAEC or NECO is not a big deal don’t let any one put fair in you, as long you are prepared and you are ready to implement all my lectures series, you will that you will  clear all your papers in waec and neco.
Let me tell you why it’s important to clear your WAEC and NECO in one sitting ; hope you know that most schools don’t accept 2 sittings, some don’t even accept combination of two examination bodies like WAEC and NECO Results combined together. Please and please follow my lectures series very well to ensure total victory. 

Steps To Clear Waec And Neco 2018 Papers

1. Know Your Papers:

The first step to successful clear WAEC and NECO is to know your 9 subject that is required by the examination board to register like science student click here to see subjects for science students, apart from this i will advice you to know how to perfectly choose your subject click here to learn how to perfectly choose your subject combination, also know the total number of Subjects You Are registere please follow this link to find out that

2. Gather Relevant Books:

What i mean by relevant text books,i mean text books that are comprehensive and easy to understand like in “Mathematics essential mathematics” is best while in “physics New school physics text book” is OK. check out other relevant text books

3. Get Past Questions:

Now that you have gotten the above, i will advise you to look for hard copies of past questions, it’s been sold on the market, 

4. Find A Reading Area:

This is well explained, look follow your syllabus and try as much as you can to cover at least %80 of it. 

5. Get Waec/Neco Syllabus And Hot Topics:

Ensure to get waec syllabus if you are sitting for waec and neco syllabus if you are taking neco. click here to search for any subject you want
Waec & Neco syllabus.
Gce syllabus.

6. Humble Yourself And Work:

Try to humble your self when it comes to reading, don’t be over confident when you have not adequately prepared for your exams. Even when you are sure that you have prepared enough for WAEC  or NECO , try to check out your self with past questions and identify your weak point answer work on it

7. Create Time:

Create a working timetable for your self, always read at night, if you fail to create a reading time for your self then you have indirectly created a time to fail click here to learn how to overcome night sleep 

8. Be Under A Tutor:

Look for good lecture centre and register with them and always ask questions on where you are finding things difficult.

9. Get A Like Mind:

Always choose brilliant friends, don’t choose a dullard, someone who don’t know his left from his right academically. Always learn with your friends, discuss those hard topics with them and let them explain to you in their terms. 

10. Be A  Fan:

Visit  daily.  is of course one of the best educational website right now in Africa. Every day, I update waec and neco information that would be of great help to you. Keep visiting for updates like this.

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