How To read and  Clear All Your Papers In  Waec Or Neco in 2018 2019 examination

This post seeks to guide you on how to pass waec and neco easily with out any expo or runs from any one. 
Do you know that expo or runs has not increased success rate among candidates or WAEC? rather it has created much problems altogether because most answers are fake and over 90% of those sites you see are run by scammers. 
To pass waec or NECO in one sitting is not that hard as majority of people think, no matter how hard and difficult they present it to you, don’t be scared, just join me let me show you how to pass once and for all
With every passing year, we find so many candidates who clear all their papers in waec except mathematics. Neco is not left out…. You hear someone say, if not for the F9/D7 in my Neco English, I would have cleared all my papers.
Now, Passing a subject in the West African Examination Council or National examination council is not a big deal. The big deal is clearing all your papers in waec and neco.
Before I proceed, let me quickly announce to you, “most schools won’t accept you unless you blast Waec/Neco Maths & English plus three other relevant subjects”. In addition, using two sittings in O-level may affect your admission and even chances of being on Scholarship.
You have understood the reason you should clear all your waec and neco papers, below and steps you need to make it a reality….

Steps To Clear Waec And Neco 2018 Papers

1. Know Your Papers:

You need to know the papers you want to register in waec and neco. For science students, the subjects to be registered are Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agric, Economics, Geography, Government or CRS.
A Science student could also replace Government/CRS with Further mathematics. Art students won’t have to register Biology, Chemistry, Physics And Geography in waec. Just know the subjects to register in waec and neco.

2. Gather Relevant Books:

Now that you know the subjects to register in waec and neco, the next thing is to gather the textbooks required.
You could say, I will use Essential Mathematics textbook to prepare for Maths while New School Physics textbook would take care of Physics. You may also decide to use more than one book for a subject.

3. Get Past Questions:

You have gotten all the required books right? The next thing you should do is get waec past questions and answers. Hard copies of past questions are available and very affordable.
You could also come here time to time to practice waec past questions online. You may want to click here to see my mini examination platform.

4. Find A Reading Area:

What is the best place to read for your ssce examination? You are free to read anywhere best suitable for you. Some read in the library while others prefer to jark in noise environments. Just identify where works for you and stick to it.

5. Get Waec/Neco Syllabus And Hot Topics:

Syllabus are like map. They guide you on what to read and what not to read. Ensure to get waec syllabus if you are sitting for waec and neco syllabus if you are taking neco. Syllabus are also readily available. Use any of the links below to get your desired syllabus…
Waec & Neco syllabus.
Gce syllabus.

6. Humble Yourself And Work:

At this point, you are all set. You now have all it takes to blast waec and neco. The task here is reading! reading!! and reading!!! You must dedicate your whole self to reading. Take away every distraction and apply the positive catalysts that would accelerate your reading life.

7. Create Time:

Time cannot be destroyed but can change from one form to another. Nobody has all the time, however, we can create time to achieve our desires if we really mean it. Create at least five hours daily to prepare for your waec and neco.

8. Be Under A Tutor:

In addition to attending secondary school, a good lecture centre would be of good help to you. They will help build your confidence. Attend a good one close to you.

9. Get A Like Mind:

Iron sharpens Iron….. Meet a serious fellow waec and neco candidate and rob mind with him. Engage in debate and competitions. You guys should solve questions, argue, agree and disagree. This works like magic.

10. Be A  Fan:

Visit  daily.  is of course one of the best educational website right now in Africa. Every day, I update waec and neco information that would be of great help to you. Keep visiting for updates like this.
With all the tips above, nothing should stop you from clearing all your papers in waec and neco.

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