Jamb 1997 questions and answers for physics 

Jamb 1997 questions and answers for physics
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1.​ At what respective values of X, Y and Z would
the unit of force, the Newton, be dimensionally
equivalent to MxL
A. -1, 1, 2
B. 1, 2, -2
C. 1, -1, 2
D. -1, 1, -2
2. The distance xm traveled by a particle in time t
secondsis described by the equation x = 10 + 12t².
Find the average speed of the particle between the
time interval t =2s and t = 5s.
A. 60 ms-1 B. 72 ms-1
C. 84 ms-1 D. 108ms-1
3. A 5kg block isreleased from rest on a smooth plane
inclined at an angle of 30o to the horizontal.
What is its acceleration down the plane?
A. 5.0 ms-2 B. 5.8 ms-2
C. 8.7 ms-2 D. 25.0ms-2
[g = 10 ms-2]
4. An arrow of mass 0.1kg moving with a horizontal
velocity of 15 ms-1 is shot into a wooden block
of mass 0.4 kg lying at rest on a smooth
horizontal surface. Their common velocity after
impact is
A. 15.0ms-1 B. 7.5 ms-1
C. 3.8 ms-1 D. 3.0ms-1
5. Two bodies X and Y are projected on the same
horizontal plane, with the same initialspeed but at
angles 30o and 60o respectively to the horizontal.
Neglecting air resistance, the ratio of the range of
X to that of Y is
A. 1: 1 B. 1: 2
C. 3: 1 D. 1: 3
6. Which of the following with respect of a body
performing simple harmonicmotion are in phase?
A. Displacement and velocity of the body.
B. Displacement and force on the body
C. Velocity and acceleration f the body.
D. Force acting on the body and the
7. A body of mass 2 kg moving vertically upwards
has its velocity increased uniformly from 10 ms-1
to 40 ms-1 in 4s. Neglecting air resistance, calculate
the upward vertical force acting on the body.
A. 15N B. 20N
C. 35N D. 45N
[g = 10 ms-2]
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8. A planet has mass m1
and is at a distance r1
the sun. A second planet has mass m2
= 10m1
is at a distance of r2
= 2r1
from the sun. Determin
the ratio of the gravitational force experienced by the
A. 1: 5 B. 2: 5
C. 3: 5 D. 4: 5
For what value of Q are the forcesin the diagram above in
A. 15o B. 30o
C. 45o D. 60o
The figure above shows a block of mass m
sliding down a rough inclined plane QP at angle
Q. The forces acting on the block along the
plane QP are
A. mg sin Q and the normal reaction
B. mg sin Q and the force of friction
C. mg cos Q and the normal reaction
D. mg cos Q and the force of friction.
A uniform light bean XZis hinged at X and kept in
equilibrium by the forces T and F as shown in the
diagram above. If XO = 20 cm and OY = 30cm,
express T in terms of F.
A. T = 2 3 F
B. T= 2F
C. T = 5 3 F
D. T= 5F
12. An object of mass 100 g projected vertically
upwardsfrom the ground level has a velocity of 20
ms-1 at a height of 10 m. Calculate itsinitial kinetic
energy at the ground level.
A. 10 J B. 20 J
C. 30 J D. 50J
[g = 10 ms-2; neglect air resistance]
13. An electricwater pump rated 1.5 KW, lifts 200kg of
water through a vertical height of 6 metres in 10
seconds. What is the efficiency of the pump?
A. 90.0% B. 85.0%
C. 80.0% D. 65.0%
[g = 10ms-2; neglect air resistance]
 è W
For a rough inclined plane on which lies a body of
weight W, the angle è in the diagram above
becomes the angle of friction if
A. tan Q = coefficient ofstatic friction
B. cos Q = coefficient of dynamic friction
C. sin Q = coefficient ofsliding friction
D. sec Q = limiting frictional force.
15. A load of 20 N on a wire of cross-sectional area
8 x 10-7m-2
, produces an extension of 10-4m.
CalculateYoung’s modulus for the material of the
wire if itslength is 3 m.
A. 7.0 x 1011Nm-2
B. 7.5 x 1011Nm-2
C. 8.5 x 1011Nm-2
D. 9.0 x 1011 Nm-2
16. A cube of sides 0.1 m hangs freely from a string.
What is the up thrust on the cube when totally
immersed in water?
A. 1000N B. 700N
C. 110N D. 10N
[Density of water is 1000 kg m-3
, g = 10 ms-2]. 
17. A piece of wire guaze can be made to lie on water
A. the wire guaze is less dense than water
B. the water moleculesrepel the wire guaze
C. the water surface has the effect of an
elastic thin skin
D. of the cohesive forces between the
water and the wire guaze molecules.
18. A liquid of mass 1.0 X 103 kg fills rectangular tank
of length 2.5 m and width 2.0 m. If the tank is 4 m
high, what isthe pressure at themiddle of the tank?
A. 1.0X 104 Nm-2
B. 2.0X 103 Nm-2
C. 1.5X 103 Nm-2
D. 1.0 X 103 Nm-2 (g = 10m/52
19. An empty60 litre petrol tank has a mass of 10 kg. It
mass when full of fuel of relative density 0.72 is
A. 7.2 k B. 33.2kg
C. 43.2 k D. 53.2kg
20. The length of mercury thread when it is at 0oC,
100oCand at an unknown temperature è is 25 mm,
225mm and 174mm respectively. The value ofis
A. 85.0oC B. 80.0oC
C. 75.0oC D. 70.0oC
21. Equal masses of copper and rubber are raised to
the same temperature. Aftersometimes, the copper
was observed to be at a lower temperature because
A. the specific heat capacity of copper is
lower than that of rubber
B. copper expands more than rubber
C. the specific heat capacity of rubber is
lower than that of copper
D. rubber expands more than copper.
22. Before starting a journey, the tyre pressure of a car
was 3 X 105 Nm-2 at 27oC.At the end of the journey,
the pressure rose to 4 X 105 Nm-2
. Calculate the
temperature of the tyre after the journey assuming
the volume is constant.
A. 400oC B. 300oC
C. 273oC D. 127oC
23. A mass of a liquid at 300oCis mixed with a mass of
the same liquid at 70oC and the temperature of the
mixture is 45oC. Find the ratio of the mass of the
cold liquid to the mass of the other liquid.
A. 3: 5 B. 5: 3
C. 3: 7 D. 7: 3
24. A heating coil rated at 1000 W is used to boil off
0.5 kg of boiling water. The time taken to boil off
the water is
A. 1.15 X 109
 s B. 1.15 X 107
C. 1.15 X 105
 s D. 1.15 X 103
[Specific latent heat of vaporization of
water = 2.3 X 106
J kg-1]
25. What happens when a certain quantity of pure ice
is completely changed to water at 0oC?
A. Latent heat is absorbed, the massremains
constant and the volume decreases.
B. Latent heat is given out, the massremains
constant and the volume decreases.
C. Latent heat is given out, the mass
increases and the volume remains
D. Latent heat is absorbed, the mass
decreases and the volume increases.
26. The correct cooling curve for a molten substance
such as naphthalene is represented by
A. Temp. 
 Time (min)
 Time (min)
 Time (min)
27. What happens when a gas expands at a constant
A. It pressure decreases.
B. The total momentum of its molecules
remains constant.
C. Its pressure decreases and the total
momentum ofits moleculesremains
D. Its pressure decreases and the total
kinetic energy of its molecules
28. Ripples on water and light waves are similar
because both
A. have the same frequency
B. can be refracted and diffracted
C. are longitudinal waves
D. have the same velocity.
29. Under constant tension and constant mass per
unit length, the note produced by a plucked string
is 500Hz when the length of the string is 0.90 m.At
what length is the frequency 150 Hz?
A. 3 m B. 4 m
C. 5 m D. 6 m
30. The colours seen in thin films of oil on the road
and in soap bubbles are due to
A. Reflection B. Interference
C. Diffraction D. Polarization.
The diagram above shows two waveforms P and
Q at a particular instant of time. The two waves
will interfere
A. destructively to produce a wave of a
larger amplitude
B. destructively to produce a wave of a
smaller amplitude
C. constructively to produce a wave of a
larger amplitude
D. constructively to produce a wave of a
smaller amplitude.
32. If the load at the end of a sonometer wire is
immersed in a bucket of water, the original
fundamental frequency of the wire could be
restored by
A. decreasing the length of the wire
B. increasing the length of the wire
C. increasing the mass per unit of the wire
D. changing the temperature of the water.
33. Moon Earth
When the sun, the moon and the earth are as
shown in the diagram above, an observer
standing at X is in
A. penumbra and sees a partial eclipse
B. penumbra and sees a total eclipse
C. umbra and sees a partial eclipse
D. umbra and sees a total eclipse.
34. A boy on looking into a mirror observed that his
face appeared to have grown bigger. The boy
must have been looking at a
A. convex mirror with his face at the focus
B. concave mirror with hisface between
the focus and the mirror.
C. concave mirror with hisface at the
D. convex mirror with hisface between the
focus and the mirror.
35. Light of velocity 3.0 x 108 ms-1 is incident on a
material ofrefractive index n. Ifthe velocityoflight
isreduced to 2.4 X 108 ms-1 in the material, what is
A. 2.33 B. 2.25
C. 1.33 D. 1.25
36. A patient with a sight defect has a distance of
distinct vision of 150 cm. For him to be able to read
a material placed at a distance of 25 cm, what isthe
focal length of the glasses he should wear?
A. 15.0cm B. 17.6cm
C. 21.4cm D. 30.0cm
37. The electromagnetic waves that are sensitive to
temperature changes are
A. X-rays B. gamma-rays
C. ultra-violet rays
D. infra-red rays.
In the diagram above, which of the anglesQ1
, Q2
, and Q4
isthe angle of deviation of a ray of light
through the glass prism, XYZ?
A. Q3 B. Q2
C. Q1 D. Q4
39. Which of the figures below showed the correct
distribution of charges on an isolated positively
charged hollow metal?
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ +
++ ++
A. C.
B. D.
40. Three electric cells each of e.m.f. 1.5V and internal
resistance 1.0 Ohms are connected in parallel
across an external resistance ofT Ohms!. Calculate
the value of the current in the resistor.
A. 0.5 A B. 0.9 A
C. 1.5 A D. 4.5 A
41. A galvanometer ofinternal resistance 50 Ohms has
a full scale deflection for current of 5 mA. What is
the resistance required to convert it to a voltmeter
with fullscale deflection of 10V?
A. 1 750 Ohms B. 1 950 Ohms
C. 2 000 Ohms D. 2 500 Ohms
42. If 8 X 10-2 J of work isrequired to move 100 ìC of
charge from a point X to a point Y in an electrical
circuit, the potential difference between X and Y
A. 4.0X 102
 V B. 4.0X 104
C. 8.0X 102
 V D. 8.0X 104
43. In a metre bridge experiment, two resistors 2 &!
and 3 Ohms occupy the left and right gaps
respectively. Find the balance point from the left
side of the bridge.
A. 20cm B. 40cm
C. 60cm D. 80cm
44. Two 50 uF parallel plate capacitors are connected
in series. The combined capacitor is then
connected across a 100-V battery. The charge on
each plate of the capacitor is
A. 5.00X 10-5 C B. 2.50X 10-3 C
C. 1.25 X 10-3 C D. 1.00 X 10-2 C
45. What is the total electrical energy consumed by
using an electric cooker rated 1000 W for 5 hrs?
A. 5.3 X 103
 J B. 6.5 X 103
C. 1.8 X 107
 J D. 2.3 X 107
4.6 The power dissipated in an a.c. circuit with an
r.m.s. current of 5A, r.m.s. voltage of 10 V and a
phase angle of 60o
A. 25 W B. 50 W
C. 120 W D. 125 W
47. The voltage of the domestic electric supply is
represented by the equation
V= 311 sin 314.2t.
Determine the frequency of the a.c. supply.
A. 50.0 Hz B. 100.0Hz
C. 311.0Hz D. 314.2Hz
[ = 3.142]
48. In a purely inductive circuit, the current
A. lags behind the voltage in phase by 90o
B. lead the voltage in phase by 90o
C. is in the same phase with the voltage
D. leads the voltage by 180o
49. One of the features of the fission process is that
A. Its products are not radioactive
B. It leads to chain reaction
C. Neutrons are not released
D. The sum of the masses of the reactants
equals the sum of the masses of the
50. The graphite rods surrounding the uranium fuel
rods in a nuclear reactor, are used to
A. Absorb the neutrons and hence halt the
nuclear process
B. Create the neutrons and hence start up
the nuclear process.
C. Slow down the neutrons and hence
sloe\w the nuclear process.
D. Speed up the neutrons and hence speed
up the nuclear process.

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