Jamb 2000 questions and answers for physics

Jamb 2000 questions and answers for physics 
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1.​ A catapult used to hold a stone of mass 500g is
extended by 20cm with an applied force f. If the
stone leaves with a velocity of 40 ms-1
, the value
of F is
A. 4.0 x 104
 N B. 4.0 x 103
C. 2.0 x 103
 N D. 4.0 x 102
2. A hand bag containing some load weighting 162N
is carried by two students each holding the handle
ofthe bag next to him. If each handle is pulled at 60
to the vertical, find the force on each student’s
A. 324 N B. 162 N
C. 121 N D. 81 N
3. I. The frictional force is
independent of the area of the surfaces
in contact,
II The frictional force depends on the
nature of the surfaces in contact
III The frictional force depends on the speed
IV The frictional force is directly
proportional to the normal reaction
Which combination of the above istrue ofsliding
A. I, II and IV B. I, II and III
C. I, III and IV D. II, III and IV.
4. When a ship sailsfrom salt water into fresh water,
the friction of its volume above the water surface
A. Remain the same
B. Increase
C. Decrease
D. Increase then decrease.
5. A simple pendulum has a period of 17.0s. When
the length is shortened by 1.5m, its period is 8.5s.
Calculate the original length of the pendulum.
A. 1.5m B. 2.0m
C. 3.0m D. 3.0m
6. At a fixed point belowa liquid surface, the pressure
downward is P1
and the pressure upward is P2
. It
can be deduced that
A. P1
= P2 B. P1
> P2
C. P1
< P2 D. P1
> P2
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7. I. Its velocity is constant
II No work is done on the body
III It has constant acceleration away from
the center
IV The centripetal force is directed towards
the center.
Which combination of the above is true of a body
moving with constant speed in a circular track?
A. I and III B. I and IV
C. II and III D. II and IV
8. The velocity v of a particle in a time t is given by
the equation v = 10+2t
. Find the instantaneous
acceleration after 5 seconds.
A. 10 ms-2 B. 15 ms-2
C. 20 ms-2 D. 60 ms-2
9. If the force and the velocity on a system are each
reduced simultaneously by half, the power of the
system is
A. Doubled B. Constant
C. Reduced to a quarter
D. Reduced by half.
10. The velocity ratio of a machine is 5 its efficiencyis
75%. What effort would be needed to lift a load of
150N with themachine?
A. 50 N B. 40 N
C. 30 N D. 20 N
11. A rope is being used to pull a mass of 10kg
verticallyupward. Determine the tension in the rope
if, starting from resr, the mass acquires a velocity
of 4ms-1 in 8.
A. 105 N B. 95 N
C. 50 N D. 5 N
12. A stream isflowing at 0.75ms-1 and at boat heading
perpendicular for the stream landed at the opposite
bank at an angle 300
. Calculate the velocity of the
A. 0.65 ms-1 B. 0.86 ms-1
C. 1.00 ms-1 D. 1.50 ms-1
13. I. Coherence
II Same frequency
III Same wavelength
IV Same intensity.
Which of the conditions above are necessary to
produce interference fringes?
A. I, II and III B. I, II and III
C. I, II and IV D. II and III.
14. An engineer intends to deviate a light ray from its
path 1200
through reflection from plane mirror.
Calculate the angle of incidence.
A. 200 B. 300
C. 400 D. 600
Days 1 Day 2 Day 3
Dry 300C 290C 250C
Wet 220C 220C 210C
The readings above are for three consecutive days
from a wet and dry bulb hygrometer. It can be
concluded that the relative humidity for the three
A. Increased ssteadily
B. Remained unchanged
C. Was least on day 1
D. Decrease steadily
16. Total internal reflection occurs when light moves
A. Air to water
B. Water to glass
C. A dense medium to a less dense medium
D. A less dense medium to a dense medium
17. One end of a long wire is fixed while vibrator is
attached to the other end. When the vibrator is
energized, the types of waves generated in the
wire are
A. Stationary and transverse
B. Progressive
C. Stationary and longitudinal
D. Progressive and longitudinal.
18. A sonometer wire is vibrating at frequency f
. If
the tension in the wire is doubled while the length
and the mass per unit length are kept constant, the
new frequency of vibration is
A. f0
B. 2 f0
C. f0
D. f

19. A boy observes a piece of stone at the bottom of a
river 6.0m deep. If he looksfrom the surface of the
river, what is the apparent distance of the stone
A. 4.5 m B. 5.0 m
C. 5.5 m D. 8.0 m
20. A metal of mass 0.5kg is heated to 1000C and then
transferred to a well-lagged calorimeter of heat
capacity 80J K-1 containing water of heat capacity
420JK-1 at 150C. If the final steady temperature of
the mixture is 250C, find the specific heat capacity
of the metal
A. 92 J kg –1 K-1 B. 133 J kg –1 K-1
C. 286 J kg –1 K-1 D. 887 J kg –1 K-1
The diagram aboveshows amaximum andminimum
thermometer divided into three portions P, Q and
R. Which of the following is true about the
respective contents of P, Q and R?
A. Alcohol, mercury and alcohol
B. Air, alcohol and mercury
C. Mercury, alcohol and mercury
D. Air, mercury and alcohol.
22. The main reason for making the cover of a vacuum
flask airtight is to prevent heat loss by
A. Conduction B. Evaporation
C. Radiation D. Convection
23. A travelling wave moving from left to right has an
amplitude of 0.15m, a frequency of 550Hz and a
wavelength of 0.01m. The equation describing the
wave is
A. y= 0.15 8In 200 ð (x – 5.5t
B. y= 0.15 8In ð (0.01x – 5.5t
C. y= 0.15 8In 5.5 ð (x – 200t
D. y= 0.15 8Inð (550 x – 0.01t
24. A transverse wave is applied to a string whose
mass per unit is 3 x 10-2kgm-1
. If the string is under
a tension of 12N, the speed of propagation of the
wave is
A. 40ms-1 B. 30ms-1
C. 20ms-1 D. 5ms-1
25. Aquantity of water at 00C heated to about 300C.At
each degree rise in temperature, its density will
A. Rise steadily B. Rise then fall
C. Fall steadily D. Fall then rise.
26. A thin wire with heavy weights attached to both
ends is hung over a block of ice resting on two
supports. If the wire cuts through the ice block
while the block remainssolid behind the wire, the
process is called
A. Fusion B. Sublimation
C. Condensation D. Regelation
27. A cell of internal resistance 0.01 ohms can be
measured accurately using the
A. Ohm-meter
B. Potentiometer
C. Electroscope
D. Metre bridge
28. An electron of charge 1.6 x 10-19C and mass 9.1 x
10-31kg is accelerated between twometal plates with
a velocity of 4 x 107ms-1
, the potential difference
between the plates is
A. 4.55x 101V B. 9.10x 101V
C. 4.55x 102V D. 4.55x 103V
In the diagram above, a beam of white light travels
from a rare to densemedium. What colours of light
do the rays a, b, c respectively represent.
A. Blue, yellow and red
B. Green, red and blue
C. Red, green and blue
D. Yellow, blue and red.
The diagram above shows two capacitors P and Q
of capacitances 5uF and 10 uF. Find the charges
stores in P and Q respectively.
A. 200 uCand 100 uC
B. 100 uCand 200 uC
C. 4 uC and 2 uC
D. 2 uC and 4 uC
31. What optical instrument can best be constructed
with converging lenses of focal lengths 500cm and
A. Compound microscope
B. Terrestrial telescope
C. Astronomical telescope
D. Galileo’s telescope
32. If a charged ion goes through combined electric
and magnetic fields, the resultant emergent
velocity of the ion is
A. E
C. B
D. E– B
In the diagram above, the values of V1
and V2 are
A. 1V and 1 V
B. 1 V
and 1V
C. 1 V
and 2 V
 3 3
D. 1V and 2 V
34. A projector lantern is used to give the image of a
slide on a screen. If the image is 24 times aslarge
as the slide and the screen is 72.0m from the
projecting lens, what is the position of the slide
from the lens?
A. 4.0m B. 3.5m
C. 3.0m D. 0.3m
35. A radio is operated by eight cells each of e.m.f.
2.0V connected in series. if two of the cells are
wrongly connected, the net e.m.f. of the radio is
A. 16V B. 12V
C. 10V D. 8V
36. A 2H inductor has negligible resistance and is
connected to a 50/ Hz a.c. supply. The reactance
of the inductor is
A. 200Ohms
B. 50 Ohms
C. 100 Ohms
D. 25 Ohms
37. Ifthe fraction ofthe atoms of a radioactivematerial
left after 120 years is 1
64 What isthe half-life of the
A. 2 years
B. 10 years
C. 20 years
D. 24 years
38. A certain readioactive source emits radiationsthat
were found to be deflected by both magnetic and
electric fields. The radiations are
A. x-rays
B. beta rays
C. gamma rays
D. ultra-violet rays
39. In a pure semicondctor, the number of electron in
the conduction band is
A. Equal to the number of holes in the valence
B. Greater than the number of holes in the
valence band
C. Less than the number of holes in the valence
D. Twice the number of holes in the valence
40. A cell of internal resistance 1 ohms supplies
current to an external resistor of 3 ohms . The
efficiency of the cell is
A. 75% B. 50%
C. 33% D. 25%
41. Light energy5eV falls on a metal ofwork function
3 ev and electrons are liberated. The stopping
potential is
A. 15.0V B. 8.0V
C. 2.0V D. 1.7V
42. In the thermonuclear reaction, the total initial mass
is 5.02 x 10-27kg. The energyreleased in the process
A. 9.0 x 10-10J B. 9.0 x 10-11J
C. 9.0 x 10-12J D. 9.0 x 10-13J
43. Themagnetic flux in a coil having 200 turns changes
at the time rate of 0.08 Ws-1
. The induced e.m.f. in
the coil is
A. 1.6V B. 16.0V
C. 25.0V D. 250.0V
44. If the frequency of an emitted x-rays is 1.6 x 1016
Hz, the accelerating potential is
A. 6.6 V B. 66.3 V
C. 663.0 V D. 6630.0 V
The correct position for a fuse in the diagram above
A. S B. Q
C. P D. Between P
and Q
In the a.c. circuit above, the current value is
A. 6.67 A
B. 4.00 A
C. 3.00 A
D. 0.58 A
If current flowsin the direction of the arrowsin the
solenoid above, the North pole is at
A. P B. X
C. Q D. Y
48. A gas would serve as an electrical conductor under
A. Reduced pressure and reduced potential
B. Reduced pressure and high current
C. Increased magnetic field
D. Exposure to visible light
49. An electric generator with a power output of 3.0kW
at a voltage of 1.5kV distributes power along cables
of total resistance 20.0 ohms. the power lossin the
cable is
A. 0.1W B. 10.0W
C. 40.0W D. 80.0W
50. A conductor of length 2m carries a current of 0.8A
while kept in a magnetic field of magnetic flux
density 0.5T. The maximum force acting on it is
A. 8.0N B. 3.2N
C. 0.8N D. 0.2N

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