Jamb 2001 questions and answers for physics

Jamb 2001 questions and answers for physics 
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In the diagram above, which ofthe simple pendulum
will resonate with P when set into oscillation?
A. T B. U
C. Rand T D. Q and R
2. The height at which the atmosphere ceases to exist
is about 80km. If the atmospheric pressure on the
ground level is 760 mmHg, the pressure at a height
of 20km above the ground level is
A. 380mmHg B. 570mmHg
C. 190mmHg D. 480mmHg
3. A stone of mass 1 kg is dropped from a height of
10m above the ground and falls freely under
gravity. Its kinetic energy 5m above the ground is
then equal to
A. Its kinetic energy on the ground
B. Twice itsinitial potential energy
C. Itsinitial potential energy
D. Half itsinitial potential energy
The diagram above is a block-and-tackle pulley
system in which an effort of 80N is used to lift a
load of 240N. the efficiency of the machine is
A. 60% B. 50%
C. 40% D. 33%
5. If a spherical metal bob of radius 3cm is fully
immersed in a cylinder containing water and the
water level rises by 1cm, what is the radius of the
A. 12cm B. 1cm
C. 3cm D. 6cm
6. The resultant of two forces acting on an object is
maximum if the angle between them is
A. 450 B. 00
C. 900 D. 1800
7. I. The earth is not spherical but
elliptical in shape
II Variation in latitude and longitude
III Rotation of the earth on its axis
IV Variation in the density of the
On which combination of the above does the
weight of an object vary on the earth’s surface?
A. I, II,III and IV
B. II, III and IV only
C. I, II and III only
D. I and II only.
8. The efficiency of a machine is always less than
100% because the
A. Work output is always greater than the work
B. Load lifted is always greater tan the effort
C. Effort applied is always greater than the load
D. Velocity ratio is always greater than the
mechanical advantage.
9. Which of the following consists entirely of vector
A. Velocity, magnetic flux and reaction.
B. Tension, magnetic flux and mass
C. Displacement, impulse and power
D. Work, pressure and moment.
10. Ice cubes are added to a glass of warm water. The
glass and water are cooled by
A. Conduction only
B. Convection only
C. Conduction and convection
D. Convection and radiation
. A ray of light strikes a plane mirror at an angle of
incidence of 350
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. If the mirror is rotated through
, through what angle isthe reflected rayrotated?
A. 700 B. 450
C. 250 D. 200
12. Find the frequencies of the first three harmonic of
a piano string of length 1.5m, if the velocity of the
waves on the string is 120ms-1
A. 80Hz, 80 Hz, 120Hz
B. 80Hz, 160Hz, 240Hz
C. 180Hz, 360 Hz, 540Hz
D. 360Hz, 180 Hz, 90Hz
13. The terrestrial telescope has one extra lens more
than the astronomical telescope. The extra lens is
A. Improving the sharpness
B. Creating an inverted image
C. Magnification of the image
D. Erection of the image
14. The driving mirror of a car has a radius of curvature
of1m.Avehiclebehind the car is4mfromthemirror.
Find the image distance behind the mirror.
A. 8 B. 4 C. 9 D 4
 7 9 2 7
If a ray traveling in air isincident on a transparent
medium as shown in the diagram, the refractive
index of the medium is given as
A. Cos& B. Sin&
 Sin B SinB
C Cos B D SinB
 Sin & Sin&
The pressure of a mass of a gas changes from 300Nm-2 to
120Nm-2 while the temperature dropsfrom 1270C to -73oc.
The ratio of the final volume to the initial volume is
A. 2: 5 B. 5 ; 4
C. 5 ; 2 D. 4 ; 5
17. A plane sound wave of frequency 85.5 Hz and
velocity 342 ms-1 is reflected from a vertical wall.
At what distance from the wall doesthe wave have
an antinode?
A. 2m B. 4m
C. 1m D. 3m
18. A string isfastened tightlybetween two walls 24cm
apart. The wavelength of the second overtone is
A. 24cm B. 16cm
C. 12cm D. 8cm
19. A gas with initial volume of 2 x 10-6m3
is allowed to
expand to six times its initial volume at constant
pressure of 2 x 105Nm-2
. The work done is
A. 2.0J B. 4.0J
C. 12.0J D. 1.2J
20. The thermometric substance of an absolute
thermometer is
A. Alcohol B. Mercury
C. Helium D. Platinum
21. A cell of internal resistance r supplies current to a
6.0 Ohms resistor and its efficiency is 75%. Find
the value of r
A. 4.5Ohms
B. 1.0Ohms
C. 8.0Ohms
D. 2.0Ohms
In the diagram above, the current I is
A. 3/8A B. 9/11A
C. 11/9A D. 8/3A
The diagram above shows two capacitors P and Q
of capacitances 2uF and 4 uF respectively
connected to a.d.c. source. The ratio of energy
stored in P to Q is
A. 4: 1 B. 2: 1
C. 1: 4 D. 1: 2
24. A resistance R is connected across the terminal of
an electric cell of internal resistance 2Ohms and
the voltage wasreduced to 3/5 of its nominal value.
The value of R is
A. 3Ohms B. 2Ohms
C. 1Ohms D. 6Ohms
The diagram above shows three capacitors C1
, C2
and C3
of capacitances 2ìF, 6 ìF and 3 ìF
respectively. The potential differences across C1
and C3
respectively are
A. 4V, 6Vand2V
B. 2V, 6Vand4V
C. 6V, 4Vand2V
D. 6V, 2Vand4V
26. A student is at a height 4m above the ground during
a thunderstorm. Given that the potential difference
between the thundercloud and the ground is 107V,
the electric field created by the storm is
A. 2.0x 106NC-1 B. 2.5x 106NC-1
C. 1.0x 107NC-1 D. 4.0x 107NC-1
27. A working electric motor takes a current of 1.5A
when the p.d. across it is 250V. If its efficiency is
80%, the power output is
A. 300.0W B. 469.0W
C. 133.0W D. 4.8W
28. The cost ofrunning five 60 Wlamps and four 100W
lampsfor 20 hoursif electrical energy costs N10.00
per kWh is
A N280.00 B. N160.00
C. N120.00 D. N140.00
29. In a Daniel cell, the depolarize, positive and
negative electrodes are respectively
A. Copper sulphate, copper and zinc
B. Manganese dioxide, carbon and zinc
C. Sulphuric aicd, lead oxide and lead
D. Potassium hydroxide, nickel and iron
The diagram above shows a closed square box of
side0.5m in a uniformelectric fieldEin the direction
shown by the arrows. What is the flux for the box?
A. 0.5 E B. 2.0 E
C. 0.2 E D. 0.0 E
31. A bread toaster uses a current of 4A when plugged
in a 240 volts line. It takes one minute to toast
slices of bread. What is the energy consumed by
the toaster?
A. 5.76x 104
J B. 1.60x 104
C. 3.60x 103
J D. 1.60x 102
In the circuit diagram above, the ammeter reads a
current of 3A when Ris 5 Ohms and 6A when Ris
2 Ohms. Determine the value of x
A. 8 Ohms B. 2 Ohms
C. 10Ohms D. 4 Ohms
33. When a piece ofrectangular glass block isinserted
between two parallel plate capacitor, at constant
plate area and distance of separation, the
capacitance of the capacitor will
A. Increase
B. Decrease
C. Decrease, then increase
D. Remain constant
34. The ratio of electrostatic force FE
to gravitational
force FG
between two protons each of charge e
and mass m, at a distance d is
A. e B. e2
 C. Gm2
 4ne0Gm Gm2
D. e2
35. What is the angle of dip at the magnetic equator?
A. 450 B. 00
C. 900 D. 1800
36. Acell can supplycurrents of0.4A and 0.2Athrough
a 4.0 Ohms and 10.0 Ohms resistorsrespectively.
The internal resistance of the cell is
A. 2.0Ohms B. 1.0Ohms
C. 2.5Ohms D. 1.5Ohms
37. Which of the following graphs correctlyrepresents
the variation of mass of a given material deposited
with time for constant current in Faraday’s law of
In the diagram above, determine the r.m.s. current
A. 31A B. 48A
C. 60A D. 80A
39. The particle emitted when 3
9K decays to 3
9K is
A. Gamma B. Beta
C. Electron D. Alpha
40. The current through a resistor in a.c. circuit is given
as 2 sin wt. Determine the d.c. equivalent of the
A. 1 . A
B. 2 2 A
C. 2 A
E. 2 A
41. I Low pressure
II High pressure
III High potential difference
IV Low potential difference
Which combination of the above is true of the
conduction of electricity through gases?
A. I and IV only
B. I and III only
C. II and IV only
D. II and III only
42. Which of the following metals will provide the
greatest shield against ionizing radiation?
A. Iron B. Manganese
C. Aluminium D. Lead
43. The primary coil of a transformer has N turns and
is connected to a 120 V a.c. power line. If the
secondary coil has 1,000 turns and a terminal
voltage of 1,200 volts, what is the value of N?
A. 120 B. 100
C. 1,000 D. 1,200
44. The process of energy production in the sun is
A. Nuclear fission
B. Nuclear fusion
C. Electron collision
D. Radioactive decay
45. At resonance, the phase angle in an a.c. circuit is
A. 900 B. 600
C. 00 D. 1800
46. The force on a current carrying conductor in a
magnetic field is greatest when the
A. Conductor make an angle of 600 with the field
B. Force is independent of the angle between
the field and the conductor
C. Conductor is parallel with the field
D. Conductor is at right angles with the field.
47. A transistor functions mainly as a
A. Switch and an amplifier
B. Rectifier and an amplifier
C. Charge storer and an amplifier
D. Charge storer and switch.
48. Energy losses through eddy currents are reduced
by using
A. Low resistance wires
B. Insulated soft iron wires
C. Few turns of wire
D. High resistance wires
49. A capacitor of 20 x 10-12F and an inductor are joined
in series.. the value of the inductance that will give
the circuit a resonant frequency of 200 kHz is
A. 1 H
B. 1 H
 8C. 1 H
D. 1 H
 2 = 10]
50. The magnetic force on a charged particle moving
with velocity v is
A. Proportional to both the magnitude ofthe
charge and the velocity
B. Independent of the magnitude of the
C. Proportional to the velocity v only
D. Proportional to the magnitude of the
charge only.

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