Jamb 2003 questions and answers for physics 

Jamb 2003 questions and answers for physics 
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1.The figure above shows two velocities v1
and v2
Which of the following diagrams correctly
represents the vector difference w = v1
– v2
2. If an object just beginsto slide on a surface inclined
at 300
to the horizontal, the coefficient offriction is
A. 1
B. 1
C. 3
D. 3
3. A satellite isin a parking orbit if its period is
A. More than the period of the earth
B. Equal to the period of the earth
C. The square of the period of the earth
D. Less than the period of the earth
4. What does not drop through an open umbrella of
silk material unless the inside of the umbrella is
A. Osmotic pressure
B. Capillarity
C. Surface tension
D. Viscosity
5. A bead traveling on a straight wire is brought to
rest at 0.2m by friction. If the mass of the bead is
0.01kg and the coefficient of friction between the
bead and the wire is 0.1, determine the work done
by the friction
A. 2 x 10-3 J B. 2 x 102
C. 2 x 10-4 J D. 2 x 101
[g= 10ms-2]
6. The stylus of a phonograph record exerts a force
of77. x 10-2 N on a groove ofradius 10-5 m.Compute
the pressure exerted by the stylus on the groove.
A. 2.42 x 109 Nm-2
B. 4.90 x 108 Nm-2
C. 2.45 x 108 Nm-2
D. 3.45 x 108 Nm-2
7. A piece ofstone attached to one end of a string is
whirled round in a horizontal circle and the string
suddenly cuts. The stone will fly off in a direction.
A. Tangential to the circular path
B. Perpendicular to the circular path
C. Towards the centre of the circle
D. Parallel to the circular path.
The length of a piece of glass block was measured
of a vernier caliper asshown above. The length of
the glass block is
A. 1.65cm B. 1.64cm
C. 1.66cm D. 1.63cm
9. A test tube of radius 1.0cm is loaded to 8.8g. If it is
placed upright in water, find the depth to which it
would sink.
A. 25.2cm B. 2.8 cm
C. 28.0cm D. 5.2 cm
[g = 10ms-2 density of water 1 000kgm-3].
10. A 90cm uniform lever has a load of 30N suspended
at 15cm from one ofits ends. Ifthe fulcrum is at the
centre of gravity, the force that must be applied at
its other end to keep it in horizontal equilibrium is
A. 20 N B. 30 N
C. 60 N D. 15 N
11. On top of a spiral spring of force constant
500 Nm-1 is placed a mass of5 x 10-3kg. Ifthe spring
is compressed downwards by a length of 0.02m
and then released, calculate the height to which
the mass is projected
A. 2 m B. 8 m
C. 1 m D. 4 m
12. A hose of cross-sectional area 0.5m2
is used to
discharge water from a water thank at a velocityof
60ms-1 in 20s into a container. If the container is
filled completely, the volume of the container is
A. 600 m3 B. 6000 m3
C. 240 m3 D. 2400 m3
13. A force of 100N is used to kick a football of mass
0.8kg. Find the velocitywith which the ball moves
if it takes 0.8sto be kicked.
A. 100ms-1 B. 32ms-1
C. 50ms-1 C. 64ms-1
14. The phenomenon whereby the water droplets in
the atmosphere combine with dust particles in the
air to reduce visibility is
A. Fog B. Hail
C. Mist D. Cloud
15. Given that Young’s modulusfor aluminium is
7.0 x 1010Nm-2 and densityis 2.7 x 103kgm-3
Find the speed of the sound produced if a solid
bar isstruck at one end with a hammer?
A. 3.6 x 103ms-1 B. 5.1 x 103ms-1
C. 2.8 x 103ms-1 D. 4.2 x 103ms-1
16. Thermal equilibrium between two objects exists
A. The heat capacities of both objects are the
B. One objects loses heat continuously to the
C. The temperatures of both objects are equal
D. The quantity of heat in both objects is the
17. If the distance from a point source of sound is
doubled, by what factor does the density
A. 2.00 B. 0.25
C. 4.00 D. 0.50
18. If an object is placed between two parallel plane
mirrors with their reflecting surfaces facing each
other, how many images of the object will be
A. Four B. Two
C. Eight D. infinite
19. A 2 000W electric heater is used to heat a metal
object of mass 5kg initiallyat 100C. If a temperature
rise of 300C is obtained after 10 min, the heat
capacity of the material is
A. 1.2 x 104
B. 6.0 x 104
C. 8.0 x 103
D. 4.0 x 104
20. By what factor will the size of an object placed
10cm from a convex lens be increased ifthe image
is seen on a screen placed 25cm from the lens?
A. 2.5 B. 1.5
C. 0.4 D. 15.0
21. On a fairly cool rainy daywhen the temperature is
200C, the length of a steel railroad track is 20m.
What will be its length on a hot dry day when the
temperature is 400C?
A. 20.009 m B. 20.002 m
C. 20.013 m D. 20.004 m
22. If 1.2 x 106
J of heat energy is given off in 1 sec.
From a vessel maintained at a temperature gradient
of 30km-1
, the surface area of the vessel is
A. 1.0x 103m2
B. 1.0x 102m2
C. 9.0x 104m2
D. 9.0x 102m2
[Thermal conductivity ofthe vessel = 400Wm-1 K-1]
0C 0 5 10 15 20 40 60
S.V.P(mmHg) 4.58 6.51 8.94 12.67 17.50 55.10 149.00
The table above shows the saturation vaour
pressure against temperature in a certain town. If
the vapour pressure in thistown at 200Cis 10mmHg,
what isthe relative humidity?
A. 57.0% B. 17.5%
C. 10.0% D. 170.0%
24. At what position will an object be placed in front
of a concave mirror in order to obtain an image at
A. At centre of curvature
B. Between the principal focus and the
centre of curvature
C. At the pole of the mirror
D. At the principal focus
25. An open pipe closed at one end produces its first
fundamental note. If the velocity ofsound in air is
v and l the length of the pipe, the frequency of the
note is
A. v/2l B. 2v/l
C. v/5l D. v/4
26. A tuning fork of frequency 340Hz is vibrating just
above a cylindrical tube of height 1.2m. Ifwater is
slowly poured into the tube, At what maximum
height will resonance occur?
A. 0.45 m B. 0.95 m
C. 0.60 m D. 0.50 m
[Speed ofsound in air = 340ms-1]
27. A wire of 5 ohmsresistance is drawn outso that its
new length is two timesthe original length. If the
resistivity of the wire remains the same and the
cross-sectional area is halved, the new resistance
A. 20Ohms
B. 5 Ohms
C. 40Ohms
D. 10Ohms
28. Arayincident on a glass prism undergoesminimum
deviation when the
A. Refraction angle equals 900
B. Incident angle is equal to the angle of
C. Incident angle is equal to the angle of
D. Incident angle equals 900
In the diagram above, if each of the resistors can
dissipate a maximum of 18W without becoming
excessively heated, what is the maximum power
the circuit can dissipate?
A. 9 W B. 27 W
C. 5 W D. 18 W
30. I. It retainsits magnetism much
longer than steel
II it is more easilymagnetized tah steel
III It is more easily demagnetized than steel
IV It produces a stronger magnet than steel.
Which combination of the above makes iron
preferable to steel in themaking of electromagnets?
A. II, III and IV only
B. I, III and Iv only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
31. Which of the following pairs of light rays shows
the widestseparation in the spectrum ofwhite light?
A. Green and yellow
B. Indigo and violet
C. Orange and red
D. Blue and red
In the diagram above, what would happen to the
current, I, if another resistor, R2
, is connected in
parallel to R1
A. It will decrease if R2
is greater than R1
B. It will increase because the equivalent
resistance will increase.
C. It will decrease if Rs
is less than R1
D. It will increase because the effective resistance
will decreases.
33. Arayoflight isincident on an equilateral triangular
glass prism of refractive index 3/2. Calculate the
angle through which the ray is minimally deviated
in the prism.
A. 37.20 B. 48.60
C. 30.00 D. 42.00
34. The most suitable cell used for short interval
switches in electric bells is a
A. Nickel iron accumulator
B. Lead-acid accumulator
C. Daniel cell
D. Leclanche cell
35. An electron of charge 1.6 x 10-19C is accelerated
between two metal plates. If the kinetic energy of
the electron is 4.8 x 10-17J, the potential difference
between the plates is
A. 300V B. 30V
C.400V D. 40V
36. A magnetic field issaid to exist at a point if a force
A. Deflection at the point
B. Strengthened at the point
C. Exerted on a moving charge at the point
D. Exerted on a stationary charged at the
37. The operation of an optical fibre is based on the
principal of
A. Polarization of light
B. Refraction of light
C. Interference of light
D. Dispersion of light
38. A positively charged rod X is brought near an
uncharged metal sphere Y and isthen touched by
a finger with X still in place. When the finger is
removed, the result is that Y has
A. A negative charge and a positive potential
B. No charge and zero potential
C. A negative charge and a negative potential
D. A positive charge and a zero potential
39. In a semiconductor junction diode, asthe depletion
or barrier layer isforward-based, the layer
A. Narrows B. Remains constant
C. Widensthen narrows D. Widen.
40. When a nucleus is formed by bringing protons
and neutrons together, the actual mass of the
formed nucleus is less than the sum of the masses
of the constituent protons and neutrons. The
energy equivalent of this mass difference is the
A. Stability B. Lost energy
C. Work function D Binding energy
41. An electron makes a transition froma certain energy
level Ek
to the ground sate E0
. If the frequency of
emission is 8.0 x 1014Hz, the energy emitted is
A. 5.28 x 1019J
B. 8.25 x 1019J
C. 5.28 x 10-19J
D. 8.25 x 10-19J
42. In a fission process, the decrease in massis 0.01%.
How much energy could be obtained from the
fission of 1.0g of the materials?
A. 9.0 x 1010 J B. 6.3 x 1011 J
C. 9.0 x 1011 J D. 9.0 x 109
[c = 3.0 x 108ms-1]
43. A circuit has an area of 0.4m2
and consists of 50
loops of wire. If the loops are twisted and allowed
to rotate at a constant angular velocity of 10 rads-
in a uniform magnetic field of 0.4T, the amplitude
of the induced voltage is
A. 80V B. 20V
C. 8V D 16V
44. When an alternating current given by 1 = 10sin
(120w) passes through a 12 ohms resistor, the
power dissipated in the resistor is
A. 120W B. 20W
C. 600W D. 1200W
45. The major difference between a pure
semiconductor and a pure metal isthat
A. The resistance of a metals increases with
temperature, while for semiconductors, it is
the reverse
B. Metals are harder than semiconductors
C. Metals have forbidden gaps while
semiconductors have not
D. While the resistance of metals decrease with
temperature, the reverse is the case for
46. If the uncertainty in the measurement of the
position of a particle is 5 x 10-10m, the uncertainty
in the momentum of the particle is
A. 3.30 x 10-44Ns
B. 3.30 x 10-24Ns
C. 1.32 x 10-44Ns
D. 1.32 x 10-24Ns
[h = 6.6 x 10-34Js]
47. In the calibration of an ammeter using Faraday’s
laws of electrolysis, the ammeter reading is kept
constant at 1.20A. If 0.990g of copper is deposited
in 40 minutes, the correction to be applied to the
ammeter is
A. 0.05A B. 0.06A
C. 0.03A D. 0.04A
[c.c.c. of copper = 3.3 x 10-4gC-1]
48. Themaximum kinetic energyof the photoelectrons
emitted from a metalsurface is 0.34cV. If the work
function of the metal surface is 1.83cV, find the
stopping potential
A. 1.09V B. 2.17V
C. 0.34V D. 1.49V
49. The force on a charge moving with velocity v in a
magnetic fieldBis halfofthemaximumforcewhen
the angle between v and B is
A. 00
 B. 900
 C. 450 D. 300
50. The count rate of a radioactive material is 800
count/min. If the half-life ofthe material is 4 days,
what would the count rate be 16 days later?
A. 50 count/min B. 25/ count/min
B. 200 count/min D. 100 count/min.

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