Jamb 2019 chemistry syllabus 2019/2020 key points

Jamb 2019 chemistry syllabus 2019/2020 key points
Jamb syllabus for chemistry is a must have for any serious student who want to PASS the 2019/2020 JAMB examination. If you are aiming for high marks in jamb then jamb syllabus for chemistry remain the best material to go for .
I bet you if you can cover at least 80% of this jamb syllabus for chemistry then you will get nothing less than 80 on chemistry alone not to talk when you combine it with other subjects.
Most jamb candidates feel its not important to study with jamb syllabus for chemistry but that is a big mistake a lot of jamb candidates make believe me if you follow such path you might end up being disappointed in the forth coming 2019/2020 jamb.
Reading with out a syllabus will make you lose concentration in what you are reading, in fact you will get exhausted in no long time. I will advise you to go through this syllabus

Jamb Chemistry Syllabus 2018 Updated

We made sure you updated the jamb syllabus for chemistry in order to reflect the 2019/2020 form coming jamb.get the chemistry syllabus now

Where can i Get jamb Chemistry syllabus

You can now view the chemistry syllabus here to do that just click on view chemistry syllabus now

How to make use of JAMB syllabus for chemistry 2019/2020

The Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board, JAMB Syllabus is now readily available online for candidates that wish to check the topics they are required to read and the recommended texts.
In order to get the best from it you must do the following:
Create a time table for your self: with out setting a timetable for your self studying with syllabus for physics becomes tedious and makes one loss concentration because you won’t know where to start from. Create a working time table for your self and dedicate like 2 to 3 hours to one subject or one week to one subject. Note you are to cover 4 subjects in total.
Get the recommended text books for physics : you can’t read with out getting the reading materials, so ensure you get all your reading materials, at the end of the syllabus for chemistry there are some recommended text books you should look out for
Read mostly at night: if you really want cover a lot then dedicated at least 5 hours of your time at night to reading. Wake up by 11pm and read towards morning
Go through past questions: try your hands on past questions and see if you are really getting it.
Be prayer full: always commit all you do into the hands of God for his guidance.
Jamb 2019 chemistry syllabus 2019/2020 key points pdf

1. Separation of mixtures and purification of chemical substances(a) Pure and impure substances
(b) Boiling and melting points. JAMB Syllabus for Chemistry
(c) Elements, compounds and mixtures
(d) Chemical and physical changes.
(e) Separation processes: JAMB Chemistry Syllabus
evaporation, simple and fractional distillation, sublimation, filtration, crystallization, paper and column chromatography, simple and fractional crystallization. JAMB Syllabus for Chemistry jamb 2018 chemistry syllabus
Candidates should be able to:i) distinguish between pure and impure substances;
ii) use boiling and melting points as criteria for purity of chemical substances;
(iii) distinguish between elements, compounds and mixture;
(iv) differentiate between chemical and physical changes;
(v) identify the properties of the components of a mixture;
specify the principle involved in each separation method.
2. Chemical combinationStoichiometry, laws of definite and multiple proportions, law of conservation of matter, Gay Lussac’s law of combining volumes, Avogadro’s law; chemical symbols, formulae, equations and their uses, relative atomic mass based on 12C=12, the mole concept and Avogadro’s number.JAMB chemistry Syllabus Candidates should be able to:(i) perform simple calculations involving formulae, equations/chemical composition and the mole concept;
(ii) deduce the chemical laws from given expressions/statements;
(iii) interpret data based on these laws; JAMB Chemistry Syllabus
(iv) interpret graphical representations related to these laws.
3. Kinetic theory of matter and Gas Laws(a) An outline of the kinetic theory of matter, melting, vapourization and reverse processes; melting and boiling explained in terms of molecular motion and Brownian movement. JAMB Syllabus for Chemistry Candidates should be able to:(i) apply the theory to distinguish between solids, liquids and gases;
(ii) deduce reasons for change of state; JAMB Syllabus for Chemistry
(iii) draw inferences based on molecular motion;


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