jamb 8 keys for 2018/2019  jamb everything you need to know

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​jamb 8 keys work for 2018/2019  jamb everything you need to know
Jamb 8 keys was introduced due to low computer literacy level of candidates.
jamb 8 keys for 2018/2019  jamb everything you need to knowProfessor Oloyede said the eight-keys device would eradicate the challenge of computer illiteracy and phobia for mouse by some candidates.

“In order to ensure equity and level playground for all candidates taking Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, the Board has designed a system that will allow candidates use only eight keys without the use of mouse.
“All the candidates need to do is to press the letters A,B,C,D for responses to questions and keys: P, N, S and R representing; previous question, next question, submit and reverse, respectively.”

What does the Eight button keys represent?

The JAMB eight button keys are 

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • P
  • N
  • S
  • R

All of these keys perform different functions.

Button A:

This key represent option A. Candidates are to press button ‘A’ only if their choice of answer to the question is in option A. Otherwise, choose other option

Button B:

represent option B. It means your choice of answer is option B.

Button C:

Choice of answer is option C

Button D:

Choice of answer is option D

Button P:

This key represent ‘Previous’. Candidates are to press this button only when they want to go back to the questions they either left unanswered or want to make changes to previous question. For example, question 1 was like confusing and candidate omit and go quickly to the next question 2. on this case candidates can still go back to question 1 if time permit to pick the correct option. Here is candidate is right to press button ‘P’.

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Button N:

This represent ‘Next’. Candidate press this button when they want to go to the next question.

Button S:

This represent ‘Submit’. candidates are to press this option only when they have completely answer all the questions given. Also check to see that all personal details especially choice of subject correspond to what your course of study demands. Please press button ‘S’ to submit all your answers. Please if you check and see that your time is almost out, please press button ‘S’ to submit.

Button R:

This key represent ‘Reverse’. Candidate press this button only when they do not want to go further to submit again.
This new method will eradicate the challenge of low computer literacy and phobia for mouse by some candidates. For those that are computer literate, this is an added advantage but will not make you score above point if you are not prepared mentally.

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