jamb past questions and answers on english is now available 2018-2019/2020 repeated questions

jamb past questions and answers on english is now available repeated questions
Are you searching for jamb questions and answers for English for the year 2017-2018/2019/2020? Yes you can now get the latest jamb questions and answer free of charge.
The main aim of giving you this past questions is for you to study along with it, go through it one after the other one thing you will notice is that jamb used to repeat questions a lot that’s their weak point, if you can familiarize your self with this questions then you are good to go with 280+
We all know that exam malpractice don’t work in jamb again, since the introduction of cbt no one could access jamb questions easily.
But never to worry there is still a way out, if only you can follow all my tutorials on how jamb set their questions and what to expect then success is yours.
Please go through this past questions and see how many you can try on your own.
Hope you have jamb recommended text books? If you don’t please click here and see a list of jamb recommended text books and don’t forget to be guided with jamb syllabus for English click here
Should in case you want to find out how many questions jamb will set in all subjects click here to find out
Note: we are still updating this page should in case you didn’t see the answers, we are working to provide them for you
See also: jamb marking scheme for use of english language

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