jamb profile confirmation code-jamb profile code number

Things You Should Know About The 2019/2020 JAMB Mock Exam 

jamb profile confirmation code-jamb profile code number – JAMB 2019/2020

It’s no news that the joint admission and matriculation board ( JAMB) has now introduced what they called confirmation code, which till date remains so important in the 2019/2020 jamb registration.

In this guide you shall learn how to get this code and what it’s use for, we understand that a lot of candidates have been finding it difficult to get this code, either as a result of poor service delivery from their network provider or a technical problem from JAMB.

jamb profile confirmation code

jamb profile confirmation code-jamb profile code number

Jamb confirmation code is a very important aspect in jamb registration with out it you will definitely get stuck while trying to register for jamb.

It’s the first step every JAMB candidates who want to register for the 2019/2020 jamb must take, like we said before with out this confirmation code it remains almost impossible to complete all registration.

How to get your jamb confirmation code

JAMB confirmation code is best gotten through your personal phone number. believe me, making use of phone number used for another candidate will result to problems.

So get a phone number that has not been used for this same purpose before, with that you will be fine.

Note that you have been advised to always make use of your phone number while trying to get your confirmation code, follow this process to get it now.

Step to receive your confirmation code/how to get jamb profile code

To get your unique JAMB confirmation code you need follow this process :

Based on information we got from JAMB official website, to create a jamb profile code, you need send your Surname First-Name Middle-Name as SMS from your personal GSM number that has not been used by any other candidate to 55019.
Jamb also instructed candidates to make sure that each name is separated from each other by a space. e.g. John Musa Akira

How to retrieve jamb confirmation code

To receive your confirmation code again, Send Resend as SMS from your unique GSM number to 55019. e.g. Resend..

Do you want to correct any mistake you have made in your profile code? If yes then please make sure that you have not purchase the JAMB or DE PIN from the bank or other vendors, if you have purchase it already then it won’t work.

Just follow this instruction to get it down now!!!

Send Correct Surname FirstName MiddleName as SMS from your unique GSM number to 55019.

Warning: make use of your personal phone number you used in jamb registration and make sure you have credit on your Sim, minimum of 100 balance on it, because your service provider will deduct a fee from you.

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