mtn social bundle plan subscription code

If you only use Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Eskimi and 2go but do not wish to spend much money on subscriptions  daily or 1000 naira on Monthly subscription that  won’t last  up to a 5 days then you opt in to mtn social plans, it comes with cost at least you won’t break the bank on monthly basis  .
how to unsubscribe from mtn facebook monthly auto renew
Please note that this plan only works on what you subscribed it for that’s why it is called social plan, you won’t be able to surf the net with this plan 
Subscription Plan Price
SMS Activation Code Subscription Plan Price SMS Activation Code
WhatsApp Weekly N25 Text WAW to 131
WhatsApp Month N60 Text WAM to 131
Facebook Weekly N25 Text FBW to 131
Facebook Month N60 Text FBM to 131
Twitter Weekly N25 Text TWTW to 131
Twitter Monthly N60 Text TWTM to 131
Eskimi Weekly N25 Text ESKW to 131
Eskimi Monthly N60 Text ESKM to 131
2go Weekly N25 Text 2GOW to 131
2go Monthly N60 Text 2GOM to 131
Nimbuzz Weekly N25 Text NIMW to 131
Nimbuzz Monthly N60 Text NIMM to 131
WeChat Weekly N25 Text WAW to 131
WeChat Monthly N60 Text WAM to 131
You may also dial *662# to select any of the listed plans.
Cancel Auto-renewal of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter social plans
The plans listed above for social networks data auto-renews automatically when subscription expires only if you have airtime available.
To avoid being automatically charged or if you wish to cancel the subscription and get a different plan, do this:
SMS the word  NO code to 131, where code is the subscription you’re currently on (WAW, FBW etc)
E.g text NO WAM to 131 to cancel whatsapp month plan or text NO FBW to 131 to cancel facebook week bundle.

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