N-POWER Backlog  Payment /How To  Resolve  And  Get  Paid  

N-POWER Backlog  Payment /How To  Resolve  And  Get  Paid
Few months  ago, we told all our keen readers that Npower will commence payment of backlog payment, and they did, most beneficiaries have received their backlog Paymentthe payment of the first batch of 43,000 beneficiaries,  The Federal Government continues to work tirelessly to ensure prompt payment, only a few percentage of beneficiaries are still been owned their stipendsN-POWER Backlog  Payment /How To  Resolve  And  Get  Paid  
Today we will be discussing best approach you must take to get all your stipend released on or before the year ends. 

Steps to take to get your money 

  • contact Npower on Facebook 
  • Update Your Bank Account records 
  • Ensure your BVN matches 

Contact Npower on Facebook :

Creatare Create a facebook account or if you have one already, Login to your facebook account then you have to search for N-POWER makes sure it’s the verified Npower Facebook page which is usually marked with blue batch, like or follow the page after this, you have to compose a message with the following  method

  • BVN,
  •  Email Address
  •  Phone Number
  •  Residential Address,
  •  State,
  •  LGA
  • Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Your are advised to title the message as unpaid,  state clearly your point, don’t write much, just hit the point and send it to their inbox. Then await their reply, we believe that you can reach Npower team on Facebook easily because this has proven to be the most effective way to get them. 

Update your Bank Account 

This is a must, most beneficiaries BVN does not match with their account name, with this issue  your payment problem can’t be resolved, walk to your Bank with an affidavit from the court which will not cost you more than 2000 and effect a change on your account. 

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