Npower redeployment of shortlisted Candidates 2017 – outside and inside state how to redeploy

Npower redeployment of shortlisted Candidates 2017 – outside and inside state

Having passed the Npower pre selection stages, with joy in your heart but only found out that you where posted to a local government far away from your place of residence. Read on

NPower redeployment 

Where you posted to a place far from your residential area?

Where you posted to a local government far from your local government? 

 Do you wish to relocate to a better environment with out stress 

Most shortlisted candidates fall into this category and are currently trapped due to lack of adequate information on how to process their redeployment form. 
If you fall the category of Npower applicant I discribe above then this post is for you 
Login into your account and click on the redeployment link and fill in the required information.
Npower redeployment
Nevertheless, you will begin the programme in the next phase of deployment. Please know that your redeployment does not affect your status as a selected N-power volunteer corps member

Condition for Npower redeployment

Before your case of a redeployment  is treated please note that you must fulfill some certain condition

  • Marriage
  • Health i.e. If your place of assignment poses a potential treat to your health especially for N-Agro volunteers.
  • Distance between your residence and your place of assignment.

All this are subjected to review by Npower team in Abuja and they reserve the right to reject or accept your redeployment form.


  • Get an official authorization permit issued by the president at your workplace to show (d) why you want to cancel.
  •  Advancement to your state-owned Ministry of Education is N-Teaching (Nursing Department), Nursing Agency, N-Agro (Ministry of Agriculture).
  •  Make a statement at the Ministry explaining the reason (s) why you will be reinstated.

You might be posted to a location that is far from your residential area which will not be convenient for you,  will be stressful to you and you might end up spending all your Stepend on transportation to avoid this the best option is to apply for a relocation.
First step to take is to report at your place of assignment (where you where posted to) then request a redeployment form from them, please don’t forget to give them a valid reason for your action because if it’s not valid you might be turn down .
After getting this redeployment form, you should fill it accordingly, avoid errors while filling the redeployment form.
Head straight to a photocopy center and make 2 photocopies of the redeployment  form that you have filled , you are to give the principal or whosoever is in charge in the first place you where posted to then give your zonal office to submit the original copy while you will file the second photocopy.
You are expected to wait for a period of 2 weeks or there about and if successful you will receive an SMS.
This apply to redeployment form one state to the other, just follow the prescribe procedures.
Below are some of the details you will either fill online of manually on the d=redeployment form.

  • Previous state of resident
  • Previous LGA of resident
  • Previous state of deployment
  • Previous LGA of deployment
  • Current LGA of resident
  • Preferred state of deployment
  • preferred LGA of deployment

Please note that all successful candidates who were shortlisted are encourage to provide accurate information during their verification process. Applicants who have provided or intend to provide false information will be disqualified and sanction will be meted out. Source Npower team
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  1. please is it after they had released the final list that i will be able to access my profile because we just finished the physical verification and i could not login in to my account because i want to do inter state redeployment

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