Nysc : accommodation for corpers in fct Abuja-a complete guide 

Nysc : accommodation for corpers in Abuja-a complete guide 
​Are you a prospective corps members posted to fct Abuja?

Nysc : accommodation for corpers in Abuja-a complete guide 
Nysc : accommodation for corpers in Abuja-a complete guide 

Are you looking for an accommodation in  fct Abuja as a corper? Then this post is for you.
Most corp members posted to Abuja  most times find it difficult securing an accommodation and most PPA don’t offer accommodation due to so many reasons but all the same serving in Abuja is fun as you will get to meet new people, both the movers and shakers of things lol. So don’t be scared once more I welcome you to Abuja.
Abuja is expensive in terms of accommodation, you have to press for accommodation when posted to your PPA but if eventually things didn’t turn out the way it should be, it’s now left for you to look for a decent place from  where you can be. Nice accommodation ranges from 150,000 a year upward depending on your taste, location . You might say 150,000 is too much for a corper to pay yes it’s much not every body can afford that but there are several corpers in your shoes who needed accommodation disparately ;you can share accommodation with them while you guys split the rent.
but food is cheap same with  transport. If u wana stay in main town, you need money and you   will love your stay in Abuja
Schols.com.ng had a conversation with a corper posted to Abuja… See what he said in his word
“One of the major issues faced by Corpers in Abuja is accommodation issues. If you don’t live here normally or have a relative or some one  you can squat with for the service year, then you have to rent a place. Renting is so expensive,  some Corpers have it rough because they have to go to far places like Nyanya and Mararaba or underdeveloped places like Zuba  with bad roads to live, making their offices probably an hour away. Some of them get to work so late because of the traffic on their end and they can’t be taken seriously at work so retaining na long thing. Then transportation from the place na another thing. If you aint mobile then na along u go dey use and the cost of tp is another issue. Accommodation wahala done frustrate some corpers so tey dem just kuku manage the lodge no matter how bad that’s if they see o and if not, dem dey on their own. Some girls fit dey lucky meet man wey fit accommodate them for a while but chooking gats follow but all join. Some other people wey dey posted to maybe private company or some places wey make sense so the company fit give them accommodation, these ones dey lucky because tp fit no be issue too because company go provide transport mode for them or give them movement allowance. lol”
What is the cost of accommodation 
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