Nysc redeployment after camp-how to go about it

Nysc redeployment after camp-how to go about it: this post seeks to guide nysc corp members who where not posted to states of their choice. 

Please note that nysc gives rooms to relocate after camp on three conditions namely

  • Marital ground
  • Insecurity 
  • Health condition

Marital ground:

this is a window nysc made available to corp members who are married but it’s only open to female corp members only, so if you are a married mad please chil this window is not for you. 
As a married woman you have the right to be redeployed to the state of residence of your husband. 

Documents needed for redeployment on Marital ground

  • A formal letter directed to the director general of NYSC.
  • A Marriage certificate.
  • A change of name published in one of the national newspapers
  • A formal letter from the husband stating his state of residence.

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    Medical ground:

    those who are seek, not malaria and typhoid fever please oh, I mean serious health condition such as epilepsy, sickle cell, asthma and other serious health condition which needed the attention of standby  health personal, please  if you fall under this category then get a redeployment form as quickly as possible. Don’t joke with your health 
    While coming to camp please bring your medical report from your doctors,and be rest assured you will be given adequate attention at the camp. 
    Medical reports can only be accepted from recognized hospitals such as institution’s medical Centre or a recognized General Hospitals, Military/Police Hospital, Federal Medical Centre’s reports. 
    Note that you will still be screen by doctors on camp to ascertain the true state of your health. 


    : for those posted to bornu, Maiduguri, etc, states that are prone to bokoharam attacks, you still have a very high chance of relocating, please note that you might not be posted to the state you filled in your relocation form, I will advice you to chose a state that is close by your state or region. Like some one who is from Delta can chose Anambra or Enugu that is outside your geo political zones. 
    The aim of NYSC is to make sure corps members are posted to states outside their state of origin, in order to learn about other people’s culture and ways of life, so those who choose states outside their region will have high chances of relocating. 

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