Top 3 Reasons To Apply For Jamb Change Of Institution In 2018

Things You Should Know About The 2019/2020 JAMB Mock Exam 

Reasons To Apply For Jamb Change Of Institution In 2019/2020

Are you looking forward to do a change of course or institution? It’s important you go through our checklist and see the reason why the jamb change of course form is important to you.

First you have to know that JAMB change of course form is not meant for everyone, it’s for those with unique personal needs, it’s not for fun as changes you make here can increase or decrease your chances of securing admission or alter everything.
Jamb change of course and institution form

1. You didn’t Score Up To Jamb Cut Off Mark for 2019:

the most determining factor that comes into play during the period of screening exercise is JAMB cut off mark or post UTME cut off mark. This mark are either set by JAMB or by the institution to invite eligible candidates with reasonable score only

The best thing to do if you score let’s say 160 while your school post UTME cut off mark is 180 is to chose another institution that will accept you.

2. Lost Of Interest In The Study Course Or Institution:

another reason we have seen so far hinges on the candidate lost of interest or the zeal to study a particular course. Certain factors might have influenced this sudden change of preference, probably from the parents, friends and siblings.

At times we tend to make decisions based on past findings. It might be that such a candidate later found out that its more difficult to gain admission into this school or department.

3. You Made A Mistake When Filling Jamb Form And Subject Combinations:

At some point in time we found our self making one stupid mistake or the other while filling our JAMB form online but only found this errors when the registration portal has been shutdown.

Jamb subject combination must be chosen in such a way that it reflect and meet the demand of the institution.

The jamb change of course form gives you a one time opportunity to correct this changes, note that any correction made at this point remain final.

How To Do Jamb Change Of Institution/Course Of Choice For Jamb 2019/2020

  1. First Visit
  2. Now login with an email and password.
  3. The system now redirect you to a page where you will select the services you want.
  4. Now chose the “Application for Correction of Data”. You can locate this at the side bar.
  5. By now you should see “Course/Institution”. Now Click this and enter your registration number and also select 2019/2020 as the year.
  6. Now generate a transaction ID for payment purposes.
  7. Make sure you go through all details you have supplied so far.
  8. Finalize your payment.
  9. Now you should receive a Transaction Identification and payment status

That’s all.

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