When 2018 WAEC Registration begins, starting , exam date, time table & Guidelines 2018/2019: How to Register

Today let’s talk about the west African examination council forth coming exams.
We are aware that most candidates have been asking when will WAEC registration start and when will the exams start?
All this questions will be answered on this article not only that we are going to also discuss about the guidelines and the much anticipated WAEC timetable.Waec registration


The WAEC board on yearly basis conduct examination in Nigeria and other West African state such as Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the Gambia
WAEC is a respected body that has contributed so much to the growth and development of education in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole
This exams is very important and serves various purposes. First you can’t gain an admission into any university with out an O level results and for you to hold certain government positions you must have at least an O level results
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Note: this page shall be updated daily


First all registration is strictly done online at www.waeconline.org.ng
First we have to make it clear that WAEC conduct 2 examination in every year. One for may/June while that of November/December..
All registration is strictly done via Internet on waec official portal, although for may/June exams candidates are advised to register under a recognized secondary school center.
Those who are for November/December exams can register freely after they must have purchased a scratch card at a given rate.


  1. Difference in Time on Question Paper and Timetable: there are situations where the exam time on the question paper will be different from the time specified on the timetable. When you spot this discrepancy don’t panic. the rule states that when this happened the time on the question paper supersedes that on the timetable.
  • Question Papers to be Given Out in Advance of the Dates They Are to be Taken: yes there are certain papers which the waec board do gives out a day before the exam date and that’s what we will be discussing here.

(i) Visual Art 3;

  • Paper 3A –the instructions which guides this paper are given to all accredited and participating schools at least 2 weeks before the exams date.
  • Paper 3B – this are sets of questions paper that are made available to candidates at least 2 weeks before the exam date.
  • All questions paper that falls within this range must reach the candidates hand on time.
  • Paper 3C – here a long duration of time are normally given which the rules state that it must be 6 months. All projects are expected to be completed within this time.

(ii) General Knowledge-In-Art Paper 3; do you know that some sets of questions paper are given out 2 weeks before they are taken? This might sound strange but it’s the truth but not all papers falls in this category.
The only paper that falls here is General Knowledge-In-Art 3

Block Laying, Bricklaying and Concrete Works 3 (Practical); because of their nature they are usually given three days to candidates 3 days before they are taken.
Project Work Papers; The question papers for project work for

  • Basketry,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Leatherwork,
  • Ceramics,
  • Sculpture,
  • Picture Making,
  • Textiles,
  • Jewellery,
  • Painting & Decoration,
  • Dyeing & Bleaching and Leather Goods Manufacturing & Repair

If you take a look at the subjects above you will notice that they deserves special attention and requires time to cover up.
All this questions paper falls within the category of paper that are made available to candidates two weeks before the exams are normally taken.
Information on how and when they will get to the candidate will be made available through the schools they register with.

  1. Extra Time for Blind, Deaf and Dumb Candidates: this are special candidates, due to the condition and limitation placed on them they are normally given extra time which is one and half times the time allotted to other candidates.

Quick link

Waec 2019/2020 syllabus

The WAEC syllabus is a must have for all candidates who want to sit for the 2019/2020 waec exams.
Any candidate who wants to have an outstanding results needs to plan ahead with the 2019/2020 WAEC recently updated syllabus.
The West African examination board waec from year to year do provide updated syllabus, candidates are advised to prepare them selves ahead of time using this syllabus as a guide line.

WAEC May/June Time Table –Download 2018/2019

The timetable is just a guide on how the examination will run.
The exams normally last for a month and few weeks.
WAEC timetable is a must have because with the timetable you can easily plan on how to read ahead of time, on the other hand without the timetable you won’t know your exam time.
Most waec candidates have been searching for where they can easily download the waec timetable
Let me tell you getting the waec timetable on time is a key to having an outstanding results.
You can freely download the West African examination council timetable free of charge here
Note: immediately you get the waec timetable just write down your subject.


  • Plan ahead : the West African examination timetable enables candidate to plan ahead of time
  • Exam time : with out the waec timetable candidate won’t know when and how their papers are scheduled

The waec timetable is the only tool that has the final answers as to when the exams will commence

download waec timetable for 2019/2020 pdf

Do you know that you can now freely download waec timetable as pdf file?
PDF files makes the waec timetable to be easy to view that’s why most candidates prefer the pdf version.
However you will need a pdf viewer installed on your device before you can successfully view it.

when is waec 2018/2019 starting

Most candidates have been asking this question for some time now,this is due to the unnecessary delays caused by the waec board.
As the time of writing this article the actual date of this year’s waec exam has not been decided but have it in mind that it will between April and May 2019.
click here to see all compulsory subjects for science and art
click here to see the number of required Subjects to register for waec


Avoid African time, ensure you complete your registration before the deadline and also be aware that late registration always attract late entry fee.
Secondly while registering ensures that all your details are correct.

  • Name : Your name must be correctly spelled out, please try to cross check your name against any errors.
  • Photograph: Your photograph should meet the minimum standard, it should be very clear, on a white background and should measures 27S by 314 in pixels.
  • Subject: You are only allowed to chose 9 subject that are relevant to the discipline you want to study in Tertiary institution.
  • Gender: Make sure you select your gender, if you are a male or female indicate it in the field provided.
  • Date of birth : your date of birth should be correct, any mistake you make here will be difficult to correct.

Finally it is expected of you to kindly print out the photo card,this should serves as evidence that you have successfully registered for the 2019/2020 waec.
Please note that photo card are used to identify those who are taking the exams, any candidate who don’t have it will be denied entry into the examination hall.

Registration General guidelines

Your registration will be rejected if it did not meet the basic standard.
Before you proceed to register get a good recent passport with a white background. This passport should be 27S by 314 pixels.

Required WAEC Bio-Date for 2018/2019 WAEC Exam Registration for May/June

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • State of Origin
  • Local Government of origin
  • O-level Subjects to be written
  • Email address
  • 1 passport photograph with red background


If you want to have a smooth registration then this guide will go a long way to assist you.
Waec registration

  • Payment for the examination
  • Identification of Examination Officer
  • Registration of Candidates
  • Reviewing/Editing of Candidates Information
  • Generation of Examination Numbers
  • Downloading of Information
  • Offline Registration


Although most students don’t really pay attention on how the registration is done,
All registration is strictly online and must be carried out through the waec portal.
Waec registration

  • Quickly log on to the waec official portal @ http://www.waeconline.org.ng/register/
  • when the website fully opens Carefully look for “MAY/JUNE Examinations icon”
  • Your school will have to sign in as new user.

Process of waec registration

  • You will be mandated to enter your details correctly in a space provided for it such as centre number,candidates waec passport, subject of candidates, name and surname of candidates.
  • Click on the “Checkbox” by the affirmation statement to affirm that all the entries including the attached passport photograph are correct.
  • You can then download syllabus, timetable and registration template.

Then the registration process continues.


this has been a hot question been ask by parents, students due to the fact that most schools now charge outrageous amount.
It’s no news that most private schools has turned the whole exercise to a money making venture as they take turns to squeeze out money from parent all in the name of waec exams.
When we went out we discovered that some schools charged from 25,000 to even 50,000 for just waec exams alone.
Please always have it in mind that the fixed price set by the exam board has always been 12,000 naira.


It’s important we look into this aspect so that we don’t run into late entry.
At the time of writing this article the 2019/2020 waec closing date has not been decided, once it has been made open we will inform you on time
Please try as much as you can to avoid late entries else these private schools won’t spare you as they are known to even increase the late entry fees twice the agreed amount set by waec board

Waec result checker 2019/2020

After the waec exams what comes next is the waec result checking.
Waec board has promised to release the results in less than 45-90 days from when the exams where taken.
Do you want to check Your 2019/2020 waec results? Then you don’t have any worry as you can now easily check your waec result free of charge?
To Check Your WAEC results please kindly follow this link. To also check your waec with out scratch card follow this link link to do so now
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